SME D Bank moves forward with funding partners to support the Thai franchise industry, compressing 400 million baht, launching loans to buy famous franchises, piloting ‘Inthanin’ – ‘Otteri’



SME D Bank Bank for Thai SMEs Continue to promote the Thai franchise business industry. Launched credit products with a credit line of 400 million baht to invest in the purchase of franchises with outstanding standards, piloting 2 well-known coffee brands, “Inthanin” coffee shop and “Otteri” laundromat, along with a program to enhance the potential of SME entrepreneurs. Establish franchise standards and expanding the business with a franchise model

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank revealed that the franchise business model in Thailand is gaining popularity and continuously expanding. It plays an important role in creating opportunities for new entrepreneurs to become business owners. or who already have a business, have expanded their business with a franchise model caused to drive the Thai economy to grow continuously, so SME D Bank, a bank for Thai SMEs therefore launching a project to support the franchise business Both the franchisee (franchise: Franchisee) and the franchisee (Franchisor: Franchisor) access to “financial” services along with “development”

On the “financial” side, launching “franchise loans” to provide funds for entrepreneurs to buy franchises through cooperation with SME D Bank, initially piloted to join hands with 2 famous franchisors, namely Bangchak Retail Co., Ltd. Franchise owner “Inthanin Coffee” (Inthanin Coffee) and K-Next Corporation Co., Ltd., owner of the convenience store franchise “Otteri Wash & Dry” (Otteri wash & dry). Go to contact to buy a franchise “Inthanin” or “Otteri” and has passed the consideration of the franchisor. Able to request a loan from SME D Bank for investment with a credit limit of 400 million baht, with an initial interest rate of MLR -1% (approximately 6.5% per year)

Loan up to 80% of investment value Loan term up to 7 years, principal repayment up to 6 months, open for loan applications from today until June 30, 2024 or until the project limit is exhausted. whichever comes first


In terms of “development”, move forward to form a franchise. coupled with promoting franchises according to the policy of the Ministry of Industry through various projects such as the ADVANCED CMF course, intensive tutoring for 5 full days within August and September 2023, providing knowledge on strategies, writing business plans, accessing capital sources and expanding the franchise business, organized at the SME Bank Tower building, as well as in conjunction with the Department of Industrial Promotion. Organize programs to increase business potential Providing advice in various fields, encouraging entrepreneurs to apply the franchise model to create added value to their business. and raise standards for franchisees such as law, tax, establishment standards and environmental issues, etc.

SME entrepreneurs request service “Franchise loans” and development work can be obtained through various channels such as the website www.smebank.co.th, LINE Official Account: SME Development Bank, etc., including SME D Bank branches nationwide or ask for more information at the Call Center. 1357

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