SME D Bank opens Q3 SME confidence index, moving in response to government policy to stimulate the economy. Moving forward to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs Complete refinancing loans paired with business development programs

SME D Bank joins hands with Sasin to reveal the results of the SME confidence index survey for the 3rd quarter of 2023, slightly increased. From adjusting the marketing plan and expectations for economic stimulus policies after the election As well as the trend for the next 3 months will improve. Benefiting from entering the high season, the tourism trade is bustling. Under challenging factors Most are concerned about increased business costs. from the minimum wage adjustment and a shortage of skilled labor. On the SME side, D Bank announces solving the problem and moving forward with services. “Top up capital for development partners” gives access to “SME Refinance” loans with a credit limit of 5,000 million baht, helping to reduce the burden and make heavy installments easy. along with the development program Add skills to workers Strengthen and increase business potential

Miss Narthanaree Rattapat, Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that the “SME Research and Information Center” together with the “Research and Consulting Center” Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University organized Conducting a “Survey of SME confidence in the economy and business, 3rd quarter 2023 and future forecasts” from a survey of more than 500 sample SME entrepreneurs across the country. Covering all types of industries, it was found that the index of confidence in the economy and business of SMEs in the 3rd quarter of 2023 increased slightly compared to the previous quarter (2/2023) from 65.90 to 66.40 due to entrepreneurs There is continuous adjustment in marketing plans. This causes sales to increase, including expectations for the government’s economic stimulus policy after the election.

As for confidence trends for the next 3 months SME entrepreneurs’ confidence in the economy and business increased slightly as well, from 65.61 to 66.79 because they benefited from entering the end-of-year tourist season or high season. Shops and various private sectors Often organize promotions to stimulate sales. People spend more during the New Year’s Eve festival. And it is expected that the number of tourists will travel more.

When considering the index of confidence in the economy and business Separated by industry type, it was found that SME entrepreneurs in the service sector, especially in the construction industry. Have higher confidence than other groups Due to the contract for new construction projects has increased. while the tourism sector has the second highest confidence. This is because there is more traveling and spending. As a result, the overall level of confidence remains high.

In addition, the research center surveyed labor problems among SME entrepreneurs and found that 76.94% were concerned about the burden of rising labor costs. due to the minimum wage adjustment, followed by 23.73% lacking skilled workers who can rotate jobs, while 21.29% lacked workers with technology and digital knowledge, and 17.96% had to reduce the number of workers. Due to the economic situation

As for the skills that need to be reinforced for workers to learn more, the highest number, 59.42%, is marketing and selling through online channels, followed by 54.77%, specialized skills according to occupational fields, 35.48% marketing and selling in store, and 29.71% foreign language skills.

Miss Narthanaree Added that From the said survey results The confidence index rose only slightly. Reflects the concerns of SME entrepreneurs. Both to the uncertainty of the current and future economy, especially the problem of business costs. and labor skills As a result, investment confidence is low. In this regard, in order to create long-term strength in cost management for entrepreneurs, therefore, SME D Bank provides financial services along with development to help SME entrepreneurs. ME reduces costs while increasing business potential at the same time.

On the financial side, there is a loan product “SME Refinance” with a credit limit of 5,000 million baht that can be used to plan business management in advance. and reduce financial costs Highlights of low interest And it is a fixed rate, the first year is 2.99% per year and during the first 3 years the average is 3.50% per year. The maximum loan amount is 50 million baht, installments for up to 15 years, plus no principal repayment for up to 12 months. Accepting loan applications from today. Until December 30, 2023, there is also a special promotion. For entrepreneurs who have never used a loan from SME D Bank before, when applying for a loan and withdrawing a credit line from 1-50 million baht by the end of November 2023, they will receive “Cash Back” worth up to 60,000 baht for the evaluation of collateral. Maximum value of 30,000 baht per person and collateral mortgage fee maximum value of 30,000 baht per person.

Along with the free “Development” program! Help strengthen SME entrepreneurs through the “SME D Coach” project with professional coaches. Providing business advice and guidance, including organizing activities to develop necessary labor skills on a continuous basis, such as training and seminars to expand the online market Using digital technology tools, etc. Interested in loan services and development work Requests can be made through channels such as the website www.smebank.co.th, LINE Official Account : SME Development Bank, etc., including SME D Bank branches nationwide, or ask for additional information at Call Center 1357.

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