SME D Bank organizes KM-INNOVATION DAY 2022 activities aiming to be an innovative organization based on knowledge. Reinforcing the role of the development bank

SME D Bank organizes activities ‘KM & INNOVATION DAY 2022’
Aiming towards ‘Knowledge-Based Innovation Organization’, reinforcing the role of a development bank

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development or SME D Bank presided over the opening of the KM & INNOVATION DAY 2022 event. knowledge” to promote a culture of “think creative, modern” to strengthen the competitiveness of the organization and SMEs business in line with the corporate value D : Development, continuous improvement in driving corporate innovation. Emphasizing its role as a development bank, there are various activities within the event, such as awarding the SME-D Creation Challenge Project 2022 to departments that present innovations to enhance their work. and seminars to add knowledge, etc., with the management team and staff attending the event. Organized in an on-site format at the head office, SME Bank Tower building and in conjunction with an online format recently

The aforementioned activities, SME D Bank has implemented a 5-year master plan on bank knowledge management (65-69), in which the 65th annual action plan aims to create learning and development throughout the organization with participation. There are executives at all levels as a Role Model in accordance with the SE-AM evaluation criteria for important state enterprises, such as creating a participatory learning culture. Knowledge Management for Innovation culture to focus on innovation, etc. At the same time, the Bank has communicated and conveyed such activities to the Bank’s stakeholders.

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