SME D Bank provides the lowest credit in the system at 0.08 percent per month in the Khon Kaen Money Expo.


Call Center 1357Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, offering special loan promotions to answer every need for Thai SMEs participate in the booth at “Money Expo KHONKAEN 2019” or the 1st Khon Kaen Money Expo. Found at the SME D Bank booth, number B1, between 8-10 February at Khon Kaen International Convention and Exhibition Center (KUX), Khon Kaen Province such as: 1. Banker 4.0, the lowest interest rate in the system, only 0.08% per month or 1% per year, fixed for 7 years (throughout the contract period), borrowing 1 million baht, paying only 410 baht per day 2. Credit for raising the economy For agribusiness, food processing, community tourism Retail And independent occupation, individual interest, 1-3 years, only 0.42% per month if it is a legal entity, only 0.25% per month 3. Loan “Smart Factoring One Account” Get easy money within one day Suitable for SMEs that have business partners with the government and 4. Loan “Transformation Loan for strengthening” loan up to 15 million baht, interest rate 0.65% per month Answer liquidity problems, etc. Able to submit the loan immediately Know the results, approve approval in 7 days, get special, download and apply for the trial application “SME D Bank” .Get free souvenirs With many fun activities For more information, please contact Call Center 1357.

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