SME D Bank pushes SMART SMEs loans to support SMEs to increase liquidity in business. Raise the flag, the interest is 0.55 per month, pay for 10 years, plus the opportunity to receive refinance.


SME Bank launches a new loan “SMART SMEs” project in the amount of 20,000 million baht, responding to Thai entrepreneurs who need capital to increase liquidity, expand business, reveal outstanding features, calculate the special interest rate of 0.55% per month, pay installments for 10 years and open the opportunity for Finance helps reduce business costs.


Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that from the current economic slowdown SME Bank therefore issued a new loan, “SMART SMEs”, with a total amount of 20,000 million baht as an alternative to SMEs that are looking for capital. Can be used to enhance liquidity in investments to expand and improve business Or use as working capital in the business Helping the business to expand and grow.




The maximum loan amount is 15 million baht per case. Installment period up to 10 years, special interest rate for the 1st year MLR-1 per year, 2nd year MLR -0.75 per year, 3rd year MLR -0.5 per year and years 4-10 MLR per year or just average. 0.55% per month is considered very low rate When compared to business loans in the general market Opportunity for both existing customers, SME Bank and new customers Able to use the service, and can also refinance with help operators reduce business costs And can also request additional credit Resulting in a new fund to be used to further expand the business, with the qualifications having to be registered as a juristic person Accepting the loan request until 30 June 2020 or until the full amount Whichever comes first.


Mr Phongchan also said that SME is the main specialized financial institution of the government. Has a mission to promote and support Thai entrepreneurs to grow and sustain SME bank is therefore playing an important role in raising funds for SMEs in Thailand. Along with the development process for entrepreneurs to provide “knowledge” along with capital Help SMEs that use SME loan services will be developed to increase business capability by anticipating that the “SMART SMEs” loan will support SMEs to access Able to fund at least 4,000 people, generating more than 80,000 million baht in circulation in the economy.


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