SME D Bank Reveals Clients Impacting Covid-19 Surpassing Ten Thousand

SME D Bank Reveals Clients Affecting “Covid-19”, Surpassing Ten Thousand

Expedite the introduction of measures “Stay-extend-fill” reduce the burden of expenses Increase liquidity

SME Bank is proactively working in the area to take care of customers. Affected by “Covid-19”, already experiencing more than 10,000 problems. “Break-extend-fill” to alleviate the suffering Reduce cost burden Increase liquidity Supporting businesses to overcome strong emergencies

Ms. Narnnari Ratthapat, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank revealed the progress of measures. “Break-extend-fill” to help customers directly or indirectly affected by the coronary virus outbreak in 2019 or Covid-19, with SME Bank proactively sending branch employees nationwide to survey data. impact Closely take care of customers Visiting the business area Or contact us via telephone, including sending a letter of recommendation to “take a break – extend – fill” measures to help alleviate the distress and reduce anxiety for all SME customers. Data up to March 5, 2020 at In the past, it was found that bank customers have been affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 in the amount of 11,894 cases, representing debt of 20,469 million baht. Most of them are tourism and related businesses. Due addition, the primary customers are seeking new credit facility to be used as working capital liquidity of around 565 million baht.

The SME bank accelerates bringing affected customers into the measures. “Break-extend-fill” continuously Scheduled to completely resolve the problems of all customers affected by this March 2020, which the bank’s assistance covers all businesses that are directly affected Most of them are tourism-related businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, restaurants, and tour businesses. Gift shops, souvenirs, etc. and businesses that are indirectly affected, such as the supply chain business or businesses that are directly related to the business that are directly affected, etc.

“Commercial bank as a specialized financial institution of the state And helping alleviate the suffering for bank customers affected by the epidemic. Cowid-19 through measures “break-expand-fill” to provide customers with business immunity Reduce expenses and increase liquidity As well as preventing clients from being relegated Which aside from the customer contacting to apply for participation in the measures by themselves Banks increase convenience Down to the area to recommend measures and closely follow up on customers, “said Ms. Narat Naree.

For customers participating in the measure “Break-extend-fill” can choose to use various privileges, consisting of 1. Measures “rest” to pay the principal amount For customers that are directly affected for up to 12 months and customers that are indirectly affected up to 6 months to help reduce their debt obligations and increase liquidity. Able to continue business With a grace period starting from the next month that the principal repayment has been approved

2. Measures “extend” repayment times in accordance with business situations And for customers who use SBCG. Original guarantees. (Portfolio Guarantee Scheme (PGS) Phase 5-7 of the Small Industrial Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) acts as collateral to help all SMEs SMEs access to loans more flexibly) able to extend the term The guarantee period is extended for another 5 years, without the client having to pay any fees.

And 3. Measures “to add” capital interest is added to liquidity In order for the customers to have funds to circulate in the business Special interest rate of 3% per annum for the first 3 years, in the amount of 1 million baht per case And 5% natural persons per year. In the first 3 years, the amount is 500,000 baht per case. Maximum installment period of 7 years.

Mr. Phu Pakorn Pringthongfu, Managing Director of Nine to Banks Company Limited, a contractor Produce a premium product, said the company has been affected by the epidemic “Covid-19”, resulting in reduced product orders When compared to the same period last year Causing the incoming income to decrease too Contrary to the burden of the company still exists. Therefore, when the SME D Bank issued measures “rest – expand – add” is very good. Assisting clients during uncertain situations Help keep the business moving. Especially to top up capital Causing the company to have sufficient liquidity for business management Including continuing employment conditions And if the situation returns to normal Will help the company recover faster

Ms. Niporn Trilertkul, Managing Director of Smart Tour Co., Ltd., a tourism service business, said that the overall tourism business Considered directly affected Due to tourists Both Thais and foreigners who have traveled in the country Or going abroad is lost due to the concern of the epidemic “Cowid-19” which has reduced the company’s revenue. But doing business still has to move forward Especially the care of employees Regarded as the most important thing for the company Although currently facing a crisis By confirming that there will be no dismissal But let’s keep the business together In the past, I was contacted by SME D Bank officials suggesting the measures “break-expand-fill”, resulting in more financial channels. Considered a comprehensive measure Both reducing the burden of expenses And top up funds Causing the company to have sufficient liquidity to cope with the uncertainty that may occur in the future

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