SME D Bank sends happiness to the Chinese New Year Support Thai SME Synnae Huat Chai

SME D Bank sends happiness to the Chinese New Year Support Thai SME Synnae Huat Chai
Give redemption of liquidity loans and reduce project analysis costs throughout February.

SME D Bank, side by side, take care of Thai SMEs Give money back, increase liquidity, reduce costs with 3 low-interest loan products Submit a loan throughout this February and receive a special privilege to reduce the project analysis fee by 0.5%. Good sales Opportunity to grow with online through the activity “Free Store SME D Bank” (Season 2)

Ms. Nart Naree Rattapat, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that during February 2021, SME D Bank organized a special campaign to help Thai SMEs. Liquidity enhancement Trade flow And reduce business costs By giving Angpao, low interest loans, including loans to raise the community economy Maximum loan amount of 5 million baht, corporate initial interest rate of 2.875% per annum in the first 3 years and natural persons 4.875% per year in the first 3 years, liquidity loan SME D Happy, loan amount up to 15 million baht, initial interest rate 4.25% per year Smart SMEs loan up to 15 million baht, the initial interest rate of 5% per annum, if submission of 3 such loan products by February 28, 2021 will be entitled to reduce the project analysis fee (Front End Fee) by 0.5%.

“Organizing this campaign Will help reduce costs for operators Access to low-interest funding sources to enhance business liquidity It is the red envelope that SME D Bank gives from the heart to Thai SME entrepreneurs during the Chinese New Year. In which the operator can apply for the service To claim this campaign from now until February 28, 2021, “Ms. Nartsnaree said.

Interested persons can notify their wishes at all SME D Bank branches nationwide. And reduce the risk of travel Able to make a request via online via various channels such as LINE Official Account: SME Development Bank, website www.smebank .co.th, and the application “SME D Bank” can be downloaded for both IOS and Android systems, etc.

In addition, SME D Bank also organizes an activity “Free Store SME D Bank” (Season 2) to create opportunities for SME entrepreneurs across the country to increase their sales growth online. By registering, simply click on the link: http://bit.ly/2LUGXJt or scan the QR Code in the promotional poster. Anyone who participates in this activity will be entitled to enter the Market Place group “Leave free SME D Bank” shops that offer an opportunity to present products for sale online Which has more than 8,800 subscribers, and if any product Outstanding Very interesting Or being an existing customer of SME D Bank will be an advantage Promote through various media channels without any expenses, such as through the fan page powersmethai (Technology Innovation Center) with more than 100,000 followers and get the opportunity to expand to participate in various activities of SME D Bank such as selling shops. Products, etc., can apply from today – 28 February 2021.For more information, please contact Line OA: @powersmethai or Call Center 1357.

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