SME D Bank side by side to take care of Thai SMEs Kick off the SME D project to give your heart a carpet to support the revitalization of business development to local areas in Thailand. Hand in hand for sustainable growth

SME D Bank side by side to take care of Thai SMEs Kick off the project ‘SME D give heart’
Laying carpets to support business development throughout Thailand Hand in hand for sustainable growth

SME D Bank kicks off the project “SME D Gives You Heart”, organizing carpets throughout the country Support Thai SMEs to the door between 20 Oct. – 30 Nov. 65 to provide advice, consulting, and help revitalize their businesses. and provide services “Adding Capital for Development” to help raise the level, seize the golden opportunity, continue to expand the business for sustainable growth

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that after the Covid-19 situation has resolved, the level has been reduced to a contagious disease. clearly positively affects the Thai economy. This period is a golden minute that SME entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity to move forward quickly to restore the business to its original good may affect the recovery of SMEs

Therefore, SME D Bank, a bank for Thai SMEs Has organized the project “SME D give heart” between 20 October to 30 November 2022 by distributing the credit quality management team. and Entrepreneurship and Customer Relations Development Division Visit the area all over the country to visit SME entrepreneurs to the establishment to listen to the offer ready to give advice coupled with offering assistance “Fill up capital with development” with special conditions can get help right away which will enhance the potential maintain business status turn around and moving towards sustainable growth

“The work of SME D Bank, we take SME entrepreneurs as the center. Determined to help and take care with access and understanding, therefore, this project, we named it “SME D Give Heart”, conveying the introduction of “heart that is ready to serve” to SME entrepreneurs to their establishments. spread all over the country It is proactive. help fill the need create sustainability for SME entrepreneurs,” added Ms. Nartnaree.

for visiting such areas has prepared a full range of support services, such as assistance measures during the rehabilitation period Special and fixed interest rate loans help reduce the burden and enhance liquidity for the business. “SME D Coach” project, a business consultant by professional coaches. and activities to increase income expand market channels brought to the famous online shopping platform Get the right to issue a booth to sell products. And match business with famous modern trades, etc. All of them can receive services without any cost. You can request to use the service immediately. Via the online system, just scan the QR Code or contact for service at all SME D Bank branches nationwide. The project aims to support at least 5,000 SME entrepreneurs. For more information, please call the Call Center 1357.

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