SME D Bank stands beside SME entrepreneurs experiencing flooding. Issuing emergency loans for business rehabilitation Special interest rate at 0.415 percent per month.


SME D Bank is ready to stand beside the SME entrepreneurs flooding. Issuing special interest credit measures For rehabilitation For existing customers, the rate is only 0.415% per month, 5-year installments, while individual general entrepreneurs start at 0.417% per month, providing 24-hour online loan submissions.

Mr. Phongcharn Sampha-ngern, Deputy Managing Director Acting as Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank revealed that from flooding In many areas in the northern and northeastern provinces, SMEs have been damaged and face both direct and indirect problems with their business operations. Previously, the bank has already issued preliminary aid measures. By suspending payment to bank customers For term loans, the principal and interest are suspended for a period of no more than 6 months, while the Promissory Note (P / N) promulgated for a period of not more than 6 months.

At present, the flood situation began to resolve. And entering the business rehabilitation process to resume operations. SME Bank has therefore issued emergency credit measures to rehabilitate the business. For existing customers of SME Bank, both individual groups and juristic persons that have been damaged Have funds to use for rehabilitation and revolving Interest rate 0.415% per month, pay installments up to 5 years, which is a very low interest rate Not too burdensome to entrepreneurs Grace period for grace period of not more than 1 year, with the maximum credit limit per customer as follows: 1. Debtors with a total approved credit limit of not more than 1 million baht and a credit limit of not over 500,000 baht. 1 million baht but not more than 5 million baht, the maximum loan is not more than 1 million baht, and 3. Debtors with approved loans of more than 5 million baht can borrow up to a maximum of 2 million baht. Flight 15 million baht of the collateral to the collateral before. And able to use TCG’s collateral to guarantee only measures that are not more than 2 million baht.

And for general SMEs The bank has prepared special loans suitable for service as well, such as loans for the local economy loan to be used as working capital to invest in expanding the business. Give the opportunity to agricultural processing groups Tourism Business / Community Tourism New entrepreneurs are innovative, wholesalers, retailers, grocery stores, community stores, blue flag shops and agricultural products traders, etc. The maximum loan period is 7 years. Special interest rates are charged for individuals with a maximum loan amount of 2 million baht per 3 installments. Interest rate at the first year 0.417% per month, then the 4-7 year at MLR per year Special interest rate is charged for the first 3 years at only 0.25% per month. After that, years 4-7 at MLR per annum.

In addition to that, there are also credits. Transformation Loan strengthens help SMEs. Have funds to improve Change of machinery Equipment parts Computer program Including vehicles used in business such as cranes, mortar trucks, drilling rigs, etc. Interest rates 0.333% per month Throughout the loan period for a maximum of 7 years

Mr Pongcharn stated that for SMEs, both existing customers of SME bank and general entrepreneurs. Loan applications can be submitted online at the ‘SME D Bank’ application 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, including directly through the bank’s branches nationwide or for more information at the Call Center number. 1357.


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