SME D Bank supports green businesses Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet ESG needs, join hands with ‘PRIME’ to raise the level of SMEs using renewable energy. Develop your business towards sustainability

SME D Bank joins hands with Prime Road Power to support SME entrepreneurs. and SME companies in industrial estates throughout the country Access to capital sources “BCG Loan” and strengthening development programs Help raise the level of change to a green business. Answering the sustainability needs of Thailand

Miss Narthanaree Rattapat, Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that SME D Bank has signed a business cooperation memorandum with Prime Road Power Public Company Limited or PRIME, the business leader in integrated renewable energy innovation To support SME level companies and more than 5,000 groups of companies in various industrial estates across the country modify energy materials and equipment. or install a solar rooftop Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions Protect the environment and help increase competitiveness in the new economic system under the BCG Model for SME entrepreneurs. which is consistent with sustainable development according to ESG guidelines (Environment, Social and Governance: ESG)


In this cooperation, SME D Bank will support “funding” through the “BCG Loan” project, with a maximum loan amount of 50 million baht per individual. Special interest rate starting at approximately 4.75% per year, installment period up to 15 years, with the first 24 months being free from principal payments. for SME entrepreneurs Used to further develop into a green business. Whether it is investing, improving, expanding, or changing business operations. circulating to increase liquidity or refinance, etc., along with providing benefits For entrepreneurs who have never used a loan from SME D Bank before, when applying for a loan and withdrawing a credit line from 1-50 million baht by the end of November 2023, they will receive “Cash Back” worth up to 60,000 baht, including 1. Securities appraisal fees. Guarantee with a maximum value of 30,000 baht per person and 2. Mortgage cost for collateral with a maximum value of 30,000 baht per person.



In addition, there is also a “development” service through organizing activities to add knowledge and support in the area of Financial Literacy to members of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand group, including activities to exchange and support knowledge and business development guidelines in the area of ESG by entrepreneurs. SMEs interested in receiving loan and development services Requests can be made through channels such as www.smebank.co.th, LINE Official Account : SME Development Bank, etc., including SME D Bank branches nationwide, or ask for additional information at Call Center 1357.



Mr. Somprasong Panjalak, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Road Power Public Company Limited said that many decades ago, PRIME as a leader in the integrated energy business Has operated its business with concern for the environment. Until today, SME D Bank has given us the opportunity to cooperate in business, resulting in the “signing of a memorandum of understanding for business cooperation” which has made us fully committed. To support government policies to preserve the environment Focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increase the competitiveness of SME entrepreneurs under the new economic system BCG Model


“With modern innovation readiness and environmentally friendly To lead to sustainable development, between 2021 and 2030, we aim to reduce Thailand’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 20-25% by jointly pushing for the use of renewable energy and energy conservation. for SME entrepreneurs To develop the economy to grow Taking into account society and environment in balance for stability and sustainability From our long experience and expertise, we are confident that we will be able to respond to this important project to its fullest potential,” Mr. Somprasong said.

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