SME D Bank team, Nan Branch, joined the committee of the Deputy Minister of Industry to visit the area of Ban Nam Kian Community Enterprise. And SMEs of Nan Province.

SME D Bank team, Nan branch, joined the committee of the Deputy Minister of Industry 

Visit the area of Ban Nam Kian Community Enterprise And SMEs of Nan Province


On April 19, 2019, Mr. Somchai Hanhiran, Deputy Minister of Industry, signed the area in Nan province to inspect the creative industrial village (CIV) Ban Nam Kian, with Mrs. Benjamaporn Ekachat, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry. Ying Ying Mahisaranon Deputy Director-General of the Department of Primary Industries and Mines and the Ministry of Industry Management Join in the inspection area. There is Mr. Samroeng Sawasdee Naranat Industrial, Nan Province. And Mr. Pichit Mithawong, Assistant Managing Director of SME D Bank, welcomed and visited the Ban Nam Kian community.



Creative Industrial Village (CIV) Baan Nam Kian Is a community enterprise founded from the implementation of the Sufficiency Economy principle of King Rama 9 as a guideline for work Starting from the production of household products to reduce expenses Reduce the use of chemicals in daily life Then there are groups together as various groups such as Lanna Han Ma Earring products. Tie dye fabric production group from natural colors Herbal and tea production group Until being an outstanding community from linking wisdom on herbs in daily life And can be created as a community product. In the year 2016, the community has economic income worth 3 million baht. After that, in 2017, the Ban Nam Kian community Joined the cultural industry creative project Development of Creative Industry Village (CIV) with the Ministry of Industry Has been developing and promoting tourism To be a cultural attraction, with check-in points for tourists to take pictures Resulting in an increase of more than 3,202 tourists, combined with education Technological and innovation To develop and create community products to meet standards and be accepted internationally Which Chivas Herbal Product Group Of Ban Nam Kian community Received product development until receiving the ASEAN GMP standard from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Lanna Han Maed Earring product group. Tie dye fabric production group from natural colors The Ministry of Industry has an idea to continue to develop products to be their own identity, such as the pattern of water cloth, etc.



In addition, the Ministry of Industry has requested cooperation from large organizations. To become a mentor to transfer knowledge to business owners in the community, such as finance, marketing, sales, laws, as well as technology and innovations in order to increase and create added value for the products Including various aspects for the business, resulting in the 2017 Ban Nam Kian community With economic income worth more than 6 million baht, increased to 100% and the year 2018 has economic income worth over 10 million baht. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry has set the economic revenue target of Ban Nam Kian community as Worth 20 million baht.

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