“SME D Bank” that “Bangchak” supports SMEs to build and expand businesses to participate in driving the Thai economy.

“SME D Bank” that “Bangchak” supports SMEs to build and expand businesses to participate in driving the Thai economy.

SME D Bank joins hands with Bangchak to sign a memorandum of understanding on business cooperation to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). in some gas stations Increase opportunities to access capital to create and expand new businesses. jointly drive the Thai economy towards strong and sustainable development

Mr. Mokul Posayaphisit, Deputy Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank said that as a state-owned financial institution that has been committed to helping Thai SMEs continuously. with financial services coupled with development In order to grow strong and sustainably, SME D Bank is ready to provide financial support through various loans. A total amount of more than 25,000 million baht, a maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, a very special interest rate starting at 4.5% per year, a maximum installment period of 15 years for SMEs who already operate Bangchak gas stations. Including business operators, stores and supply chains (supply chain) or those who are interested in investing in opening stores in Bangchak gas stations. In order to have funds to expand, modify, invest, expand branches or enhance liquidity

At the same time, SME D Bank will support comprehensive development at the same time through the SME D Coach project, organizing programs to increase business potential for SMEs who are members and business partners of Bangchak, such as knowledge programs. standard Develop packaging, account, prepare to access capital sources and principles of franchising, etc. Cooperation with Bangchak This time will play an important role in helping the bank to support SMEs widely because Bangchak has a business network that connects with many SMEs. In addition, the location of the Bangchak gas station is in the community area. In addition to the partners will benefit then. also pass on the value to surrounding communities Make money circulate, distribute income, help create jobs, create careers, elevate the quality of life of people in the community. And drive the Thai economy to grow strong and sustainably.

Mr. Somchai Techawanich Chief Marketing Officer Marketing Business Group, Bangchak Corporation Company Limited
Public Company Limited said that Bangchak has cooperated with partners operating small and medium businesses (SMEs) with potential in various brands. To create Bangchak service stations to have a wide range of high-quality products and services. Create opportunities for small entrepreneurs to have distribution channels in locations that can reach more customers. It also meets the needs of customers of all ages according to the concept of Greenovative Destination for Intergeneration by the cooperation between Bangchak and SME D Bank this time. Easier access to funding and have lower financial costs. This will provide an opportunity to invest, build and expand the business to grow steadily. In the past, Bangchak has a policy to conduct business by promoting the community economy for a long time, for example, bringing processed products from the community as a gift for Bangchak oil users. Etc. to co-create jobs Generate income for Thai people, which will help strengthen Thai society sustainably.

In addition, Bangchak and SME D Bank also have plans to jointly organize Market Place activities to bring products from small SMEs across the country that have been selected. to be sold in Bangchak gas stations and organized business matching activities (Matching) to provide opportunities for small entrepreneurs with local potential has opened a store in Bangchak gas station And in the future, the two agencies will continue to work together to support SMEs in various dimensions. To jointly be a force to drive the Thai economy to grow strongly and sustainably.

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