SME D Bank, the only state enterprise agency, wins the Silver Award for the 2023 Human Resource Management and Development Innovation Competition Project.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank received the Silver Award from the Human Resource Management and Development Innovation Competition Project for the year 2023 (Thailand HR Innovation Award 2023) by the Institute of Productivity. nation Faculty of Human Resource Development National Institute of Development Administration Human Resources Professional Development Institute and the Human Resources Management Association of Thailand, which SME D Bank is the only state enterprise agency to receive such an award this time. Because it is the first state enterprise to initiate an integrated Talent Career Management project and achieve the targeted results. Can be a model for public and private organizations. From the presentation of the “Unified Talent Retention Approach for Next versus Boomer Gen” project, the innovation answers the needs of management and development of 2 groups of personnel: 1) Group of employees who will retire (Senior Talent) to bring their knowledge and experience. To continue transferring as a consultant to develop knowledge and skills for Thai SME entrepreneurs in the SME D Coach project and 2) the New Gen Talent employee group created a New Career Path, creating a process for adjusting the job position according to needs. can Coupled with the Fast Track system, it allows integration of HR work with other departments both internally and externally. Helps strengthen the love and commitment of personnel to the organization. as well as creating motivation to work Help drive the operations of SME D Bank to full efficiency. Moving forward the role of the bank for Thai SMEs Encourage entrepreneurs to access capital replenishment services to help them grow strongly and sustainably.

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