SME D Bank to increase the value of the herbs market, join hands with PSU to organize the SME D Scale up Curry and Herb Innovation project on the curry business wing. Food and herbs with innovation.

SME D Bank increasing the value of the herbal market. Joining with PSU organizing the “SME D Scale up Curry & Herb Innovation” project Food and herbs With innovation “to win prize money over 100,000 baht

Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting as Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said that according to the International Trade Statistics of the Ministry of Commerce in 2018, the export of finished curries in Thailand amounted to 2,332.87 million baht and the export of spices. And the herbs of Thailand are worth 6,530.87 million baht. Considering the growth rate, there is a good trend in the economy. Food Research and development Prince of Songkla University (PSU) organized the “SME D Scale up Curry & Herb Innovation” project Food and herbs with innovation “to drive the Thai herbal production network chain Curry and food processing groups throughout the country, from agriculture to entrepreneurs Develop creative thinking processes Innovative design development Branding And promote marketing to create added value for products both inside and outside the country, and participants will also have the opportunity to show their potential by entering the Pitching contest to win prizes worth 100,000 baht.




“SME D Scale up Curry & Herb Innovation” project Food and herbs with innovation “is a special course Prepared to create and develop a group of fresh curry and processed curry. Raw material group (upstream), food processing industry group Machine group for curry business A group of entrepreneurs that transform food additives and start-up entrepreneurs who have just started doing business. This project is limited to only 50 people in the workshop to provide intensive training and close to the operator. The training is divided into 3 camps during the month. May, June By Camp1 (50 people) focusing on training, networking and inspiration Camp2 (20 selections left) Learn the process of design, develop innovation Study of product products in the world market, Design Thinking, Branding and Packaging, as well as the presentation of the prototype product concept and Camp3 (20 cases). Weapons for business such as Digital Marketing, Food Design, Marketing and Business Plan etc. and will be Pitching the prize money

In addition, entrepreneurs who participate in the training will have a better understanding of business planning in the field of communication marketing. And offering accounting products and innovative technology That will be able to apply the knowledge that has been applied to the product or continue to extend its own business Including the opportunity to access funding sources, special interest rates from SME D Bank. July – September 2019 will have a faculty team from PSA specialist directly into Coaching Provide advice and guidance to entrepreneurs to solve problems and develop sustainable businesses.

SMEs & Startup entrepreneurs interested in joining the project Can apply to join the project from today until 25 April 2019. Registration can be made at https://qrgo.page.link/XUw2 or download the application at http://www.firinpsu.org/news/detail/56 Free of charge or for more information Department of Entrepreneurship Development Activities Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (TWA) Tel. 02-265–3900, facebook: powersmethai and Line @: @powersmethai or facebook: Institute for Food Research and Innovation Khun Vilaiwan Suwatditanan Tel. 074-282-2911, 063-592-9441


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