SME D Bank welcomes the Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry and his team to highlight the role of ‘bank for Thai SMEs’ through 4 dimensions, supporting entrepreneurs to grow sustainably.


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank by Ms. Nathnaree Rattapat, Managing Director along with the management and staff Welcomed Mr. Passakorn Chairat, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry and his team on the occasion of visiting state enterprises under the Ministry of Industry. SME D Bank presented operational plans in the role. “Bank for Thai SMEs” through the process “Fill up Capital Partner Development” brings access to funding sources enhance business liquidity With loans from SME D Bank and the SME Development Fund according to the civil state coupled with development through activities and projects such as business matching, marketing promotion, standardization, and working with the Department of Industrial Promotion (DIPROM), Ministry of Industry. Driving the use of technology and innovation Upgrading the capabilities of Thai entrepreneurs under the concept of “MIND”, using “heads” and “hearts” to form an industry with communities through 4 dimensions: 1st dimension, business success, 2nd dimension, social and community stewardship, 3rd dimension, environmental preservation, and 4th dimension, income distribution to the community. Supporting Thai SMEs to grow strong and sustainably at the SME Bank Tower Headquarters on July 24, 2023.

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