SME D Bank wins the prestigious MONEY & BANKING AWARDS 2023, winning the hearts of Thai SMEs. Outstanding SME Loan Service 2023


Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank received an honorary award Money & Banking Awards 2023 in the category of Retail Banking Awards 2023 Best Retail Bank of the Year 2023 in the category “Bank that Best Service Provider – SME Loan 2023 from Money and Banking Magazine, with Dr. Sethaput Suthiwatnarueput Governor of the Bank of Thailand (BOT) presided over the ceremony. and is an award-giver

for such awards Comes from Money and Banking Magazine together with Suan Dusit Poll surveying people who use financial services and investments at the 23rd Money Expo and the region, including 7 times in the past, with various financial institutions. Came to come out with a booth to provide SME loan services in many events, with SME D Bank receiving the number one survey result of being a bank with excellent SME loan services in 2023, reflecting SME D Bank’s products. Suitable loans cover all business groups. and meets the needs of SMEs entrepreneurs, coupled with excellent service staff provide complete information and closely supervised Until pushing SMEs entrepreneurs to access to funding sources

receiving this award It is the pride of SME D Bank that the Board of Directors, executives and all employees are committed, dedicated, and together to raise the level of organizational development. with one goal Want to take care and provide the best service to SMEs entrepreneurs continuously Reinforcing the main role and mission of being “Bank for Thai SMEs” strengthens SMEs entrepreneurs throughout the business cycle for sustainable growth. Especially during COVID-19, over the past 3 years, SME D Bank has added capital to help SME entrepreneurs more than 160,000 million baht, creating more than 735,000 million baht of cash flow in the Thai economy, maintaining over 629,000 jobs and This year (2023), set a goal to support SMEs entrepreneurs to access capital sources of over 70,000 million baht.

SME D Bank is ready to provide services through the guidelines. “Firm Capital with Development” has creative credit products. Focusing on SMEs entrepreneurs as the center Covering all business groups The maximum loan amount is 50 million baht. It can be used for a full range of investments, expansions, business improvements, revolving or liquidity enhancement, as well as relaxed interest rates. and a maximum repayment period of up to 15 years, along with providing “development” services through the SME D Coach project with partner agencies Both the public and private sectors help upgrade and increase the potential of SMEs entrepreneurs.

In addition, in cooperation with Krung Thai Bank SME D Bank’s system service is opened through the “Paotang” application, allowing bank customers and general SMEs to access SME D Bank’s services easily, conveniently, quickly and safely without time and place restrictions. Helps to move forward with business and seize opportunities to grow to their full potential.

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