SME D Bank wiring and unlocking keys Km. Take other accommodation buildings Can make a small hotel, piloting 8 provinces, add knowledge, pave the way to capital sources Encourage SMEs to travel stimulate the economy

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SME D Bank joins hands with partners Promote the tourism industry Drive the Thai economy by organizing the project “Tourism Business 2023 to revive the Thai tourism business”, paving the way for knowledge of SMEs in tourism and related groups. Get to know the new legal guidelines for other accommodation buildings. operate a small hotel business along with upgrading the standard of tourism business paving the way for access to capital Set to pilot 8 provinces in 5 regions between July and August 2023. Hurry up to apply. Limited number.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that SME D Bank in collaboration with Silpakorn University. And local government agencies organize the “Tourism Business 2023 project to revive the Thai tourism business” to support SME D Bank customers and SME entrepreneurs. Travel and related groups seize the opportunity to grow to their full potential after the COVID-19 situation has been resolved and in response to the government’s tourism promotion policy which the Ministry of Interior has amended the law to allow other accommodation buildings Able to operate a small hotel business To help small entrepreneurs, including promoting tourism. distribute income to secondary cities stimulate the country’s economy By bringing in knowledge from a team of speakers on the topic of “Unlocking a small hotel business… The new law pushes into capital sources, suggesting guidelines for bringing different types of buildings into small hotels. According to the new amendment law

In addition, gained knowledge of tourism business management Know the trend of the tourism market in 2023-2024, connect business networks, expand the market, and entrepreneurs who pass the project will receive an e-Certificate. certified through training can be used to guarantee and expand business Build credibility for customers and most importantly, also give access to special interest rate loans from SME D Bank, maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, installments of up to 15 years and for new customers. When applying for a loan and using a credit line of 1 million baht to 50 million baht from today until the end of September 2023, you will receive a cash back for collateral appraisal fees up to 30,000 baht per person.

such a project Organized 8 training sessions in 8 provinces, 5 regions between July and August 2023, namely the southern region held in Phuket and Surat Thani, the eastern region held in Pattaya City, the central region held in Bangkok, the northeastern region held in Khon Kaen and Ubon Ratchathani and the northern region held in Nan and Chiang Mai who want to join the project For more information, please contact the Development and Entrepreneur Support Department 02-265-3775 , 062-625-9428 ,094-543-8245 or Call Center 1357.

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