SME D Bank won the 2023 “Outstanding State Enterprise on Labor Relations” award for success in enhancing the quality of life and continually giving value to employees.

Enterprise Development Bank to meet and consistently small or SME D Bank administrator “Outstanding State Enterprise in Labor of the Year” 2023 from the observation and support of state enterprise employer relations. The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, the Ministry of Labor and the Bank in terms of the work system of the labor relations system continuously as a whole and offering various welfare to employees in line with the concept that employees are the most valuable and important resource that the organization provides additional training Most importantly, to employees in 5S activities, improving facilities to facilitate employees related to relationships, allowing all employees on the executive’s birthday to visit the area, have a meeting, talk and encourage branch staff across the country. To provide channels for employees to suggest or express their opinions for development. Organizations to executives can directly service health checks every year and most often differ as usual and as an example. Helping to improve the quality of life and providing good care to employees, building good relationships between employers and employers. The drive that creates the power of unity contributes to the cooperation, nutrition, SME D Bank provides performance. as a bank for Thai SMEs through the same mechanism aiming to promote and support the improvement of finance The fact that Thai SMEs grow strong and strong

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