SME Development Bank accelerates survey of the damage to entrepreneurs in the south Issued urgent remedial measures, giving loans of 5 hundred thousand baht per person, with a six-month repayment period.

Mr. Somchai Harnhiran Chairman of the Board Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) revealed that it has assigned bank executives to join the area with the Ministry of Industry. to survey the areas affected by the disaster in all 12 southern provinces. Branch teams in every province will work with provincial industries. and the Industrial Promotion Center to prepare for the rehabilitation project Clean up local establishments. in order for the business to accelerate its return to normal operations


As for urgent assistance measures for SME entrepreneurs, bank customers, the Bank of Thailand has issued 2 measures to remedy: 1) Measures for debt moratorium for a period of 6 months, where customers can notify their intentions at the bank branches near their homes 2) Measures Providing an emergency credit line for business rehabilitation The maximum amount per person is not more than 500,000 baht, the maximum loan term is not more than 5 years, grace period is not more than 1 year, the interest rate is not more than MLR throughout the contract period. Its purpose is to help restore damaged operators. or affected by the aforementioned disaster Customers can use this emergency credit line as funds for renovation, rehabilitation, repairs and as working capital in the business. The Bank has issued an announcement to help customers affected by disasters to help SME entrepreneurs, the bank’s existing customers in 12 southern provinces, including Phatthalung, Narathiwat, Yala, Songkhla. Pattani, Trang, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Chumphon, Krabi, Ranong and Prachuap Khiri Khan


“In addition, the bank has assigned local executives to and branch teams to explore the damage of SME businesses that were affected by the disaster Recently also discussed with the Department of Tourism. Ministry of Tourism and Sports Regarding the remedial measures for tourism operators, the two agencies will visit the survey area together on Saturday, January 14, and will conclude the results and seek further assistance measures. Initially, if it is found that businesses with less damage will be able to rehabilitate their business through a number of bank credit lines. I realize that The tourism industry in the south is the industry that drives the SME economy of the province and drives the national economy. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up recovery as soon as possible.”


Chairman of the Board of SME Bank also said that the bank has established a center for disaster victims in the south at the SME Bank Tower head office to accept donations of necessary food items. by inviting entrepreneurs, bank customers and partner agencies as well as employees jointly donating You can ask for information at Call Center 1357 and after 10 days, the bank will arrange a caravan to donate items in the southern area. Initial assistance section The bank has donated 1,000 bags of rice through the Royal Thai Navy. and has donated necessary items through government and private agencies to distribute the people in the areas affected by the disaster, which has already helped alleviate the suffering

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