SME Development Bank builds ‘Doi Pha Mi’, a new landmark in Chiang Rai. The birth of the best coffee upgrade homestay Ready to receive a tour of “Tham Luang” Boom.


SME Development Bank continues to upgrade community tourism “Doi Pha Mee” to become a new tourist attraction in Chiang Rai Province, ready to receive the benefits of “Tham Luang” boom, aiming to add capital to knowledge Make a name for a local coffee Raise the standard of homestay open career opportunities increase income for local people


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank) or SME Bank revealed that from where the bank visits the area to study insights into various communities across the country with outstanding To expand into a new tourist attraction by “Doi Pha Mi”, Wiang Phang Kham Subdistrict, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, is one of the areas. which the bank supports because he saw the potential from the cost of the land There is a beautiful nature in abundance. Inherit the beautiful local culture and is also a source of excellent coffee planting in the country. Convenient transportation, only 7 kilometers from the city of Mae Sai and expected in the near future There will be a lot of tourists coming in. Due to the merits of the area adjacent to Tham Luang – Khun Nam Nang Non where the footballer incident Team “Wild Boars Academy Mae Sai” 13 lives stuck in a cave until famous all over the world. It is becoming another important tourist attraction of Thailand.


Initial support Promote coffee bean processing career by approving “Ow Kae 4.0” credit worth 1 million baht to buy coffee roasters Because in the past, even Doi Pha Mi is a good coffee plantation area. There is an area of ​​cultivation of more than 1,500 rai, but in the community there is no coffee roaster at all. Villagers had to travel more than 30 kilometers to hire roasters outside the area. causing the production cost to increase, so when there is a coffee roaster in the community will reduce production costs by up to 10 baht per kilogram, as well as the original expenditure that had to hire someone outside to roast coffee, 50 baht per kilogram, will return to circulating in the community instead, including promoting brand building “Doi Pha Mee Coffee” to be known and remembered Suitable as a souvenir that must be bought and brought back when visiting Doi Pha Mi.




In addition, encourage people in the community who are ready. Renovate the houses to be “homestays” because nowadays Doi Pha Mee has only 3 homestays, accepting only about 30 tourists, while the average number of tourists to Doi Pha Mee is about 500 people per day. It is more than 1,000 people per day and it is likely to increase more and more. Therefore, on August 20, the bank brought homestay development experts to educate Doi Pha Mee residents who are interested in renovating their homes into homestays. Along with topping up loans with special low interest rates for home improvement, such as star credit For natural persons and juristic persons, the interest rate is 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, installments for 7 years, and the boss loan 4.0 from the Ministry of Industry. for legal entities Charge a special interest rate of 1% fixed throughout the period of 7 years.

Mr. Mongkol continued that upgrading Doi Pha Mee community tourism It will help create jobs and generate income for Doi Pha Mi people. and forwarded to a wide range of ongoing businesses Both tour businesses, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. The Bank of Thailand is considered the first financial institution to successfully support credit for the Doi Pha Mee community. Because the community people do not have rights to use any guarantees. Other financial institutions Therefore, the loan could not be approved, but for the Bank of Thailand, using the process of considering the right to farm in the area of ​​the Doi Tung Land Development Project, including using the TCG mechanism as a guarantee, so it can approve the loan for the people of Doi Pha Mi.

Miss Pakakan Rungpracharat President of Doi Pha Mee Coffee Community Enterprise added that Coming to upgrade the community tourism of the SME Bank will increase income for Doi Pha Mi people. From the former occupation of coffee farmers Wholesale cheap products to middlemen to sell to other brands. People outside do not know coffee under the name of Doi Pha Mi when the Bank of Thailand sends experts to educate coffee processing. and build their own brand as well as add capital to buy machines improve packaging and promote marketing will increase the value of Doi Pha Mee coffee As a local souvenir Selling at a higher price. At the same time, homestay improvements. To have standards of cleanliness and safety will increase the price of accommodation From now only a hundred baht per day after improvement can add up to thousands of baht per day


In this regard, success comes from support, creating opportunities, creating a career for Doi Pha Mee community. Contribute to the State Enterprise Policy Office (SAO) to consider awarding outstanding state enterprises for the year 2018 in the field of cooperation for development award strategic cooperation (Collaboration) in the category of honoring for SME Bank, Government Housing Bank (GSB) and Small Industrial Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG).



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