SME Development Bank drives community products to grow the e-commerce market together with Shopee to organize valuable promotions to stimulate continuous sales

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) joins hands with Shopee to push community products through e-commerce (E-Commerce) for the second round, organizing special promotions. Discount coupons to help shoppers feel at ease during this period of 2 – 12 July 2018.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank) revealed that the bank has partnered with Shopee, the largest famous e-commerce in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Organized theoretical and practical workshops to promote SMEs and customers to trade through the Shopee platform twice, the first on February 22, 2018 and the second on May 30, 2018. The past which has been very successful has helped create marketing opportunities for community products to be sold through that e-commerce system. Recently, we have collaborated to stimulate sales by organizing special promotions, selected products, various community products. Up to sell through Shopee Application, a total of 48 businesses, 350 items in the category of food, beverages, bitter snacks, used products, local products, consisting of pasteurized fish products, palm sugar, rock sugar, coconut processed products. Organic cosmetic products, mulberry tea, processed agricultural products, rice, nuts, grains, processed fruits, Chinese sausage, loincloth products, boutique fabrics, bags, scarves, pasteurized sweet fish sauce oil balm healthy brown rice Microorganisms nourish soil and plants. cold pressed moringa oil, etc.

This is the second time the cooperation between the Bank of Thailand and Shopee brings community products together to organize a great value campaign. “Community Products by SME Development Bank” by those who order products from stores under the said campaign with a limit of 200 baht, will receive a 50 baht discount coupon immediately, just use the code SMEBANK, buy via Shopee Application or access the website. www.shopee.co.th/smebank During the period between 2 – 12 July 2018, a total of 11 days of promotion, which is considered a special long campaign, helps SMEs to stimulate sales and earn more seriously.

“As a result of the first marketing promotion campaign with Shopee, we can see that SME entrepreneurs still need marketing assistants to keep walking, walking and walking. Far, for example, an example of a bank customer of Native Foods, producing pasteurized pla ra. Saraburi Now the sales are in the top wind, increasing more than 150% and continue to sell to foreign markets, including the Philippines, Vietnam and Australia. Local products of Kalasin brand Dinosilk (Dinosilk) sales increase every month by 20%, helping to create employment and generate more income for the community. Or even local organic products, five power beans, local rice varieties, and rice germ from Suan Agaliko Village, Nan Province, for the first time sold through e-commerce shopee, can increase sales by up to 80%. All products sell well with orders. bought from all over the country The farthest order from Betong District, Yala Province, this proves that Successful ecommerce sales for SMEs is not difficult. If we gradually lay the foundation for him to gradually learn He will be able to go a long way.”

Managing Director Bank of Thailand said that Cooperation to upgrade community products to open the market through e-commerce with Shopee is a success that creates opportunities for small entrepreneurs. Change the way you think, adjust your marketing strategy to the e-commerce world. Helping to generate more income for the business to grow. The Bank has a project to continue such activities.


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