SME Development Bank is pleased with Fitch Ratings, the highest rating of AAA (tha) in the country. The 4th consecutive year reflects the stability and important role of Thai SMEs.


SME Development Bank is pleased  with “Fitch Ratings”, announces the credit rating at “AAA (tha)”, considered the highest rating in the country. For the fourth consecutive year, reflecting stability And policy importance to the government. “Mongkol” said  from the development role Coupled with the upgrading of digital work Supporting Thai SMEs, access to knowledge of capital partners anywhere, anytime.


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME Development Bank revealed that Fitch Ratings The National Long-term rating of the Bank of Thailand is rated to “AAA (tha)” with a stable outlook which is considered the highest credit rating for domestic credit ratings And the National Short-term rating affirmed that “F1 + (tha)” reflects Fitch’s view that SME Bank plays an important role in policy making for the government as defined in the Act on Establishment of Legal Banks to be Specialized Financial Institutions for SME Development and there is a high possibility that the Thai government will provide support to the Bank of Thailand in the event that it is necessary


With support from the proximity to the government Legal status which is a state bank The government is almost all shareholders in the bank. And receiving financial assistance from the government continuously since the past


Moreover, SME Bank can improve work Until the completion of the rehabilitation plan in January 2018, with the financial ratio of the bank improving, such as asset quality, liquidity and capital fund status, etc.


The factors that may affect the credit rating of the future are the long-term foreign currency foreign currency ratings of Thailand but should not affect the long-term national credit rating of the Bank of Thailand, as the risk of defaulting on government debt should remain the lowest in the country



Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, SME Development Bank Managing Director, said that the Bank of Thailand has received a credit rating of ‘AAA (tha)’ for the fourth consecutive year, reflecting the bank’s credit stability including the bank to raise the level of efficiency with digital technology Create benefits for Thai entrepreneurs appropriately Through the issuance of mobile service units “Carriages to fill the capital to promote Thai SMEs to reach the destination” , service areas for SMEs throughout the country Without needing to expand additional branches Coupled with the use of the SME D Bank platform which is a new dimension in the digital age service Through the application to answer the needs of SMEs Give knowledge to the capital every time


And important things. SME Bank is committed to responding to the government policy assigned to state-owned specialized financial institutions to truly develop small SMEs entrepreneurs which such policy Has planted the conscious side of work for this organization’s personnel Continue to increase capital together with developing knowledge for Thai SMEs. Grow to survive sustainably is an important force in driving the country’s economy.



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