SME Development Bank joins APi to push SMEs customers to grow in the event “Pracharat Market Promote innovative agricultural products”, delighted in 2 days, creating a total of over 5 hundred thousand.


SME Development Bank joins APi to appreciate the success of the event “Pracharat Market Promote innovative agricultural products, “supporting innovative agricultural SMEs to expand the market in just 2 days, creating a total of over 5 hundred thousand baht, resulting in further development into franchise sales.


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank) or SME Bank said that from the bank organized the event “Pracharat Market Promote innovative agricultural products” at the SME Bank Tower between 4-5 September 2018, which is considered a success in helping SMEs increase distribution channels. giving traders the opportunity to meet consumers directly The Bank has brought in its customers and SMEs entrepreneurs from allied agencies, namely the Institute for Agricultural Product Innovation (APi), Department of Foreign Trade (CDC), Ministry of Commerce. which has signed a cooperation agreement on September 4 as well Customers join the fair to sell more than 50 stores with sales for only 2 days, more than 5 hundred thousand baht, ready to expand the business of SMEs, able to sell formulas pushing towards the sale of franchises as well.



However, entrepreneurs who participated in the booth in the event within only 2 days received a response within the event. There are 2 people who are interested in buying a tasting at the event and contacting back to buy a franchise up to 2 people, reflecting the increase in marketing channels that have received good feedback. This entrepreneur sells two types of rice products, “Pad Thai Volcano”, which uses raw materials from farmers’ rice. To make pad Thai is to support local farmers. For example, pad Thai noodles are made from GI rice grown near a volcano. Made by villagers in the community and the Pad Thai sauce uses som sa as an ingredient. Ingredients used in organic cooking are chili, garlic and shallots.


and “milk shake champion” made from rice germ Let the villagers produce them and then extract them into powder. It looks like a powdered cream but has high nutritional value. To be used to sprinkle with milk shakes to increase the oiliness of the milk. Get a lot of nutrients besides milk. That’s why it has been well received. There are 3 sizes of franchises, but size S is priced at 9,000 baht, size M is priced at 12,000 baht and size L is priced at 25,000 baht.


Mr. Mongkol added that Banks, in addition to providing capital to entrepreneurs. has developed the potential of entrepreneurs to increase the standard of products also increase marketing channels in accordance with the current competition with technology and innovation in order to be able to grow into strong SMEs


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