SME Development Bank joins the APRC 2018 meeting to strengthen women businessmen holding a loincloth bag “Nuchba”, the success model to raise the community economy from the power of women

SME Bank joins the APRC 2018 meeting aiming to enhance the role of women in the global business society Promotes development guidelines for Thai loincloth bags, brand “Nuchba”, a model for success, creating jobs, generating income, and improving quality of life. Pushing the community economy to grow strong and sustainable

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME Bank) revealed that between October 29 – November 1, 2018, Thailand will be honored to host the BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference. 2018 (APRC 2018) in Thailand hosted the 3rd time “Empowering Women to Realize Sustainable Development Goals” at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel organized by the Federation of Business Women and Professionals of Thailand. under the royal patronage (BPM Thailand) and various partner agencies This meeting is important as a forum to connect businessmen and women professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. regional cooperation Brainstorm strategies to develop and promote women’s roles. Both women’s membership organizations, business people and professionals across the country participated. including showing potential of Thai business women and disseminating the fine arts and culture of Thailand to the world, with more than 450 business women from 37 countries from all over the world attending the meeting.

In this regard, the Bank of Thailand, as an agency to support the organization of such meetings Prepare to present a prototype to support the loincloth bag business of a female entrepreneur of the brand “Nuchba”, one of the female entrepreneurs who SME Bank to help support knowledge such as developing a modern design suitable for use online marketing Take to exhibitions both domestically and internationally, including low-interest funds Help products from this community. Nationally famous and most importantly, it creates jobs, generates income, and improves quality of life. Create social and economic equality

At the same time, the bank brought a loincloth bag under the brand “Nuchba” as a souvenir to all attendees. To disseminate and publicize products from Thai female entrepreneurs to be evident to foreigners

Khunying Natthika Wattanawekin Ang-Ubolkul, President of the Federation of Business and Professional Women of Thailand Under the royal patronage revealed that this meeting It consists of activities such as forums to exchange knowledge and experiences. to develop and uplift women in various sectors business matching negotiations innovations from new generation business heirs, etc.

In addition, the Federation of Women’s Associations, together with SME Development Bank, MBK Public Company Limited, together with member organizations across the country. Exhibit and sell products at the event “Best Thai and International SMEs” Gathering the best products from more than 200 female entrepreneurs both domestically and internationally. from the Ministry of Labor as well at the Craft Village zone, 6th floor, MBK Center shopping center

for products to be sold All have been selected to be the best at the national level. and selling cheap at factory price whole food and delicious desserts modern fashion products Whether it’s clothes, shoes, leather bags, jewelry, including a group of household items. Export quality spa group and products for health lovers, etc.

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