SME Development Bank kicks off Rod Ma Term Tun fulfill the gap to enhance the development of SMEs around the Thailand



SME Development Bank kicks off Rod Ma Term Tun , fulfill the gap to enhance the development of SMEs around the Thailand  

SME Development Bank creates a new dimension in the banking industry by launching Mobile Service Unit “Rod Ma Term Tun to promote Thai SMEs quickly ” , guided 247 vehicles to fill the needs of small SMEs closely in development of credit and sustainable growth. Mr. Mongkol Leeltham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank)

In the year 2018, the Bank aimed to move forward to help SMEs every segments rapidly. Especially local SMEs or small person in community. The gap in past business with supporting and accessing to finance along with development of potential will keep the business alive and sustainable growth. This will benefit the Thai economy, creating a career-building income distribution nationwide. Hence, in order to perform this task with efficiency. The bank must upgrade the services more closely. However, at present, there are only 95 branches that too small for providing. So the bank initiates Mobile Service Unit ” Rod Ma Term Tun to support Thai SMEs quickly”

The officer will meet the operator at the business to verify identity and basic qualification according to the bank’s criteria and storage the documents of SMEs to save in the system for considering the loan within the next 7 days by running the service to the target community area.

All services will not involve with cash. The first pilot 247 mobile unit and then will gradually increase within the target 2018 = 1,000 cars, said Mongkol. Mobile car unit will service with full function in financial and development.The Bank has provided various credit to support “Local Economy Loan” 50,000 million baht for helping SMEs to improve their liquidity, increase working capital, expanding or improving business in agribusiness travel / tourism and business is located in the creative industries (CIV), etc. The criteria is considered : individual credit limit of not more than 2 million baht .If the individual registered VAT or a juristic person. The maximum interest rate for the first 3 years is 3% per annum. Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) for the first 4 years =1 million baht loan ( 460 baht per day)

For working of mobile car unit ,when SMEs contact to service. The demand will be recorded to IT system and forward to the center immediately such as credit and after receiving the request, it will be completed only 7 days. As a result of closely service , the measure will help SMEs to upgrade local community more than 15,150 case average 3.3 million baht and create employment more than 75,000 people and generating working capital in the system estimated at 229,000 million baht complied to government policy for strengthening grass root economy and local economy sustainable.

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