SME Development Bank Launches Platform for Community News – Personal Finance

Financial support for start up new development 2 platforms is 77kaoded and Money2know from the project. “Transformation Loan” supports information needs and changes in modern technology to “Thailand 4.0”. Mongkol Leeltham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank (SME) The technology is rapidly evolving. Push the new generation to become entrepreneurs. The Startup business is likely to increase and grow rapidly. And funding. Startup can be triggered. And has grown sustainably past has started up the business of digital content (Digital). Content). Supported the bank’s credit through the “Transformation Loan” To use for working capital expansion and business development. The total credit limit is up to 15,000 million if a new customer. The loan will be 5 million baht per loan. With such limits, it is confident that it will be able to drive new entrepreneurs. Startup group Innovative business And SMEs (SMEs) have the potential. “We’re moving forward into the 4.0 era.”


           These entrepreneurs are a small group that is driving the Thai economy effectively. Even in the provinces. It is considered to meet the goal of getting help. To make these businesses strong and survive. “Thailand 4.0” follows a policy of economic development that is driven by government innovation, “Mongkol said. Examples of startup entrepreneurs who can create a different and interesting platform are www.77kaoded. www.money2know.com and www.money2know.com are operated by Adaptation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The first website is information from 77 communities, which are content from local people as a result. The content itself This is different and different from the current news site that is currently available. Another site. Personal Finance is a personal finance platform that focuses on personal financial literacy. And business information To be a source of knowledge for living and doing business in today’s rapidly changing technology. Mr. Adisak Limpapun Pattanakit Chairman, Adaptation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., manufacturer of 77kaoded platforms and  Money2know said that the company is one of the startups that has been supported by a loan from SME Development Bank in the “Transformation Loan” project of Bt5mn, which is used to build a new web-based news platform. Community news and personal finance news The 77kaoded platform is a seven-province news presentation on www.77kaoded.com. The content on the site will come from journalists in each province. But different from other news sites, the reporter will be the content manager in each province. “This is exactly the difference. The leaders present the news from the local. Not from the editorial staff. And content in each province.  There are all the things that happen in the province. Daily life Places to eat Transport The 77kaoded platform also allows local people and displaced persons to participate in newsletters through the Blogger and the forums. Make news cover all the stories that happen within the province and will make 77kaoded. The 77kaoded platform is also designed to contribute to the development of enterprise community. Especially SMEs. It is currently under development as a social community to serve as a channel or space for local products and services across the country. For the Money2know platform, Adisak said that the platform provides Personal Finance information on the website www.money2know.com. Focused on providing investment management and personal finance information. From working-age people, including retirement financial planners. As well as business knowledge. The difference is that financial websites generally focus on stocks or persuade people to turn to shares. At www.money2know.com It’s about 20-25%. The rest is investment, savings, insurance, investment fund, and retirement planning. Or even home loan options to save money. Financial experts, such as Veeravadee Phatra, Finance and Investment Specialist, Mr. Wachara Charoon Santikul, Economic Expert, Khun Kwanchanok Wuttikul, Financial Planning Specialist, “Mr. Adisak said.

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