SME Development Bank launches the Hug Taxi project, continuing to show simple intent via 24-hour Online system.


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand  or SME Development Bank is overwhelmingly successful. After announcing support for self-employed taxi drivers expressing their intent to join the “Taxi Taxi” project to strengthen Thai taxis Only one day, surpassed more than 6,000 people from the total of 10,000, after which the bank will open a channel of intention to join the “Hug Taxi” project via Online only. There are 3 channels: 1) Bank website (www.smebank.co.th) 2) Facebook Banking (facebook: SMEDevelopmentBank) and 3) SME D Bank application, which is open 24 hours, to facilitate independent entrepreneurs driving taxis throughout the country. Can show intention anywhere, anytime from today (28 December 2018) onwards until the full amount For more information, please contact Call Center 1357

Register online. Click http://bit.ly/2GFogGs.


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