SME Development Bank moves forward with the wings of agricultural SMEs, raising the model “Tonnam Holding”, extending its success across the country.


SME Development Bank continues to raise the level of agricultural SMEs. Bring success from supporting “Upon Nam Holding” as a model for expanding results to agricultural SMEs nationwide. pushing into the system followed by a low-interest top-up capital and attaching wings to help market both domestically and internationally offline couple online


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME Bank) revealed that the bank laid out guidelines to support upgrading SME entrepreneurs in agriculture. It will take the prototype from the former supporting “Tonnam Holding Company Limited”, a cluster business of herbal products, brand “Tonnam”, Chiang Rai Province until it has been successful. Apply to support other agricultural entrepreneurs across the country.


How to let Tonnam Company Limited act as a “business mentor” to advise and inspire other farmers groups To see a real example that If committed to upgrading their own agribusiness will be able to access the source of capital. And be successful in business as well, along with the Bank of Thailand sent a development team to educate the area. and as a business consultant to push to log in Registered as a “Juristic Person” which will enable access to government funding Ready to prepare low-interest loans to support, such as star-studded economic loans with a limit of 50,000 million baht, only 3% interest, fixed for the first 3 years, installments for 7 years, can use TCG as a free guarantee for the first 4 years for agro-processing business operators Community and continuing tourism business or other services in the community


and a loan for Tao Kae 4.0 in the amount of 8,000 million baht from the Ministry of Industry For borrowers who wish to register as a juristic person (limited company, limited partnership or a juristic partnership) with a special interest rate of only 1% fixed throughout the 7-year period, without repayment for the first 3 years, allowing small entrepreneurs with financial problems to borrow (even having been restructured or non-continuous installments) for investment, expansion, business improvement and used as working capital without using TCG as a guarantee


In addition, support knowledge by organizing seminars and promote marketing both helping to make publicity and bring them to various exhibitions both domestically and internationally, including promoting online market expansion, etc.




Miss Soratada Worakitichotikorn, the executive of Tonnam Holding Company Limited, said that the business was established 2 years ago, starting from a small herbal product shop. Opened in Ban San Kong School, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province, with the intention to help create jobs and generate income for people in the community.


However, in the beginning the market was not very wide. Because they only rely on the storefront, the following year, they initiated the sale of products through the website “Alibaba”, making the products more known and preferred by foreign partners. and important turning points that makes the business grow by leaps and bounds When the credit from the project is approved “Public SME Development Fund” of the government by the Ministry of Industry through the Bank of Thailand in the amount of 1 million baht to help with business development funds. by buying a sewing machine to make handmade bags which is highly demanded by the international market with the development of the E-Marketing platform system, acting as a central market collecting agricultural products from all over the country Sell ​​online to partners around the world through the Alibaba website. Currently, there are more than 7,000 agricultural entrepreneurs who have benefited from the platform.


Ms. Soratada also revealed that the Bank of Thailand has a role to help develop business. including accounting, preparing documents, writing business plans and give advice until able to register as a company and received approval from the Development Fund help business grow It has the potential to support the needs of foreign partners. In addition, it also helps to promote marketing, such as taking part in the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2018 in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Resulting in business matching with more than 20 foreign partners, creating specific orders from this event over 2-5 million baht.


“For agricultural entrepreneurs who want to access government funding. You must strive to upgrade yourself to get into the system. ready to accept in the review process that needs to be tightened to prevent bad debts Once logged in I can be confident that Your business will have more potential and gain trust from both domestic and international partners.” Ms. Soratada recommended at the end.





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