SME Development Bank organizes an event to expand business with factoring services to Smart SMEs to support entrepreneurs enhance business liquidity to have continuous working capital

Today (10 October 2017) Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME Bank) organized an event “Continue business with factoring services to Smart SMEs” by inviting SMEs entrepreneurs such as construction business Retail-wholesale business consumer – consumer registered as a juristic person join the hearing Introduce the bank’s credit services and listen to suggestions Guidelines and guidelines that allow small entrepreneurs to have greater access to credit services and in line with the facts, environment of businesses and trading partners with factoring loans for expediting factoring disbursement measures across Thailand in one day, and expediting disbursement measures Pay factoring to private partners, phase 2, total amount of 12 billion baht to help SMEs enhance business liquidity during the economic slowdown. This will help entrepreneurs who have problems with money sinking from shipping products and still can’t collect money from trading partners to have uninterrupted working capital for free! Exemption of debt collection service fees (a fixed rate of 1,000 baht/person/debtor or 0.1-1% of the debt to which the right is transferred) by purchasing trade debts up to 90% of the transferred debt Maximum credit line of 15 million baht, each promissory note up to 180 days, special interest rate MFR -1%* per year (*in case of customers with trade accounts receivable are government agencies), which will help SMEs reduce operating costs. as well as to enhance the liquidity of the business to have continuous capital without having to wait for collection of trade accounts receivable for a long time This time, there were SMEs entrepreneurs interested in joining the event and using more than 20 factoring services at the SME Development Bank headquarters.

The event also encourages entrepreneurs to develop their business potential to become SMART SMEs by increasing their competitiveness. create marketing opportunities drive business adaptation to the digital 4.0 era and will continue to conduct training courses to provide relevant knowledge about Procurement Act and government supplies in 2017 to support the adjustment in business operations and create a better understanding of the business of SME entrepreneurs in working with government agencies

For interested entrepreneurs Just bring the invoicing documents of trade accounts receivable that have already passed the billing process. Contact us to use factoring service. Turn invoice documents into cash with the bank. without having to wait for the due date for billing from trade accounts receivable to receive a refund within 1 day. You can ask for information at SME Bank all branches nationwide or contact the Call Center at 1357 and follow the news of SME Bank via facebook.com/SMEDevelopmentBank

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