SME Development Bank organizes Hotline Clear Cut Sharply all answers to the questions of SMEs.

SME Development Bank has set up a “clear clear call center”. Hotline Call Center 1357 to assist SMEs with all the problems. Mr. Somchai Hanirun, Deputy Minister of Industry, said that he ordered the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand Or SME Development Bank) to establish a call center service center for calling credit via Call Center 1357.

นTo facilitate lending and answer problems for SMEs applying for loans through various projects. The government has provided funds to SMEs across the country, including SME Development Funds. The interest rate is only 1%. The SMEs Reimbursement Fund of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) offers a 2,000-baht interest-free loan facility and loan facility. Want to get right .This center will answer all questions in the loan service. All questions must have a clear answer. To loosen suspicion and anxiety of the applicant .

Mr. Mongkol Leeltham, Managing Director, said that according to the policy of helping SMEs, the Bank has set up a clear cut sharply center for credit through hotline 1357, press 1 for the SMEs Development Fund , press 2 SME Rehabilitation Fund and 3 credit programs of the Bank. The system will be available from 4 December 2016 at Mon-Fri, 08.00-17.00 hrs. From I visit the area and get questions from multiple operators of How about applying for a loan? Will it pass? Will it be approved? Why delay ? Where’s the problem? These questions,I know that is a problem for the mind of the SMEs.

“So the clear cut sharply center will be able to answer questions accurately and quickly. Firstly, the staff will answer the entrepreneur to ensure confidence in the integrity and transparency of all steps, “said Mongkol.

It allows SMEs to apply for loans with the bank relieve anxiety. All questions must be clear. Entrepreneurs will know the progress to correct and faster. At the same time, this center serves as a consultative guide along the way. We believe that the Bank is sincere in providing services and securing the integrity and transparency in every step of the process. Entrepreneurs interested. For more information, contact the Call Center on 1357 and follow the news of the Bank through  facebook.com/SMEDevelopmentBank

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