SME Development Bank organizes loans with a low interest of 1%, joining forces with 5 agencies to push the boss 4.0 to connect Big Data to transform SMEs into the digital age.

SME Development Bank announces the role of state-owned specialized financial institutions To enhance the potential of Thai entrepreneurs to keep pace with the new business world, join the exhibition “SME TRANSFORM”, arrange loans with a low interest of 1%, and join together with 5 agencies to push the bosses 4.0 to connect Big Data to the wings of SMEs into the digital era.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) said that the bank is ready to act as a state-owned specialized financial institution. for the development and upgrading of all Thai SME entrepreneurs to become “Digital SMEs” have high capabilities and are ready to adapt to the changes of the business world in the 4.0 era by bringing in new technologies. Whether it’s machines, robots, design, IT systems and online to help support and increase business potential.

In this regard, the support measures of the Bank of Thailand will be brought to service within the event ‘SME TRANSFORM #Ready to change. Pracharat joins together to connect Thai SMEs to the world’ at the Financial Zone Challenger Hall 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani between May 18-20, 2018, including the Tao Kae 4.0 loan for SMEs to use as funds for lifting Level of business transformation into the digital era, total credit line of 8,000 million baht, low interest rate of only 1% per year, which is considered the lowest interest rate in the history of business lending services of Thai financial institutions. Can borrow up to 1 million baht per person For juristic persons (Limited Company, Limited Partnership or ordinary partnership, juristic person) without collateral, installments for 7 years, no principal payment for the first 3 years, even with irregular payment history, can be borrowed Use documents for credit consideration in accordance with the facts of the business

In addition, the unit “Racing Carriage to Promote Thai SMEs, Quickly Reaching the Land” has been parked in the booth for service. Ready to demonstrate the work which will have officers to meet the operators to the actual business locations across the country In order for operators to verify their identity and check basic qualifications, just use their ID card. By working in tandem with the application “SME D Bank” that entrepreneurs can apply for a loan through a smartphone. and track the status of credit approval within the next 7 days via Call Center 1357

In addition, in order to effectively support Thai SMEs in the digital era, SME Bank has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOU) to push “Ow Kae 4.0 to a source of capital” with 5 pilot agencies, comprising associations Thai typography Mr. Phongteera Patanaphiradet, President of the Association, Prince of Songkla University (Rubber cluster) Associate Professor Dr. Chusak Limsakul, President, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) Mr. Apirom Sukprasert Manager, Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited Mr. Payong Srivanich President and Export-Import Bank of Thailand (AOT) Mr. Pisit Sereewiwattana, Managing Director by Dr. Somkid Jatusripitak Deputy Prime Minister and Mr. Uttama Savanayana, Minister of Industry honor to witness this signing To integrate and link data to be “Big Data” (Big Data) to create opportunities to support and enhance SME entrepreneurs to be strong.

“The printing and packaging industry, rubber, as well as the agricultural sector are all very important to the Thai economy, but at present, it still faces problems with adapting to competition. signing this time Therefore, it is a new dimension of cooperation between governments. financial institution Academic institutions and the private sector will join forces to jointly develop the aforementioned industry through innovation, technology, machinery and low-interest loans,” said Mr. Mongkol.

In addition, in order to see real examples of success at this event, the bank brought a prototype of SMEs in the digital age to be displayed in the “SME Show Case” corner, such as the brand ‘Tonnam’, Chiang Rai Province, a successful Thai herbal cluster business. From marketing through the website “Alibaba” or the brand “Mum Inter” in Khon Kaen Province, the standard of local food such as “Mum” has been established to reach international level, etc., which will help inspire. and sparked other SMEs to see that if determined to change their business with new technology Whether innovation, standards, design, and online, will be able to reach success as well, including causing further development. Connect between SME entrepreneurs themselves. To help and exchange knowledge with each other, leading to the creation of a Thai entrepreneur society, which will be the strong foundation of the Thai economy in the future.

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