SME Development Bank prepares to create a history of volunteering missions The whole organization is spreading carpets of service from the heart to support SMEs all over Thailand to their doorstep.

SME Development Bank blasts the drum to create a new history of work by using “public mind” as a leading flag, carrying out “volunteering missions Promote Thai SMEs Quick to reach the area “between March 24-25, raising more than 2,400 personnel in the organization, spreading into important trading areas in all provinces across the country, including about 500 points, serving services to support SMEs to capital sources.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) said that on March 24 and 25, the bank is preparing to implement the project. “Volunteer Mission Promote Thai SMEs Quick to reach the land” by joining forces Unity of all personnel in the Bank of Thailand, from executives to employees at all levels, who currently have more than 2,400 people, who will divide their forces into areas according to trade sources. and important economic districts, 4-6 points per province, totaling about 500 locations nationwide, such as Tak Province at Pha Charoen Market, Rim Moei Market, Buriram Province at Melon Market, Satun Province at Pak Bara Open Market Tha Phae Community Market and Bangkok at Chatuchak Weekend Market Center One Shopping Center, etc.

For the key objectives of this project want to bring services to give to SME entrepreneurs or those who want to start their own business in each community as closely and thoroughly as possible both business development services, including financial services Which the government has assigned the bank to support low-interest loans for small entrepreneurs or “micro-SMEs”, such as star-studded economic loans, 3% interest, using TCG as a guarantee for free for the first 4 years For entrepreneurs aged 55-75 years, single factoring loan, maximum loan amount 15 million baht, disbursed within one day. Free of debt collection fees And the boss loan 4.0, special interest rate of 1%, free of payment for the first 3 years, allowing small entrepreneurs with financial problems to be able to borrow. (even having been restructured or non-continuous installments), etc.

in visiting such areas Bank officers will be distributed to receive notifications of demand from SMEs. Through online registration, just scan the QR Code with your smartphone. and fill in the information into the system The information will be immediately sent to the bank branch in the area specified by the operator. The branch staff will then contact you back to respond to your needs. of entrepreneurs as quickly as possible

Mr. Mongkol also revealed that the reason for using the project name Volunteer Mission Because of this work All bank staff intends to help SMEs from the heart. Doing it with a “public mind” or “volunteer mind” is a new history in the work of government banks. in which people throughout the organization are willing to perform the same mission without compensation, but everyone is still willing to do this duty because he realizes that SMEs are the foundations of the Thai economy. Moreover, small SMEs in the past had difficulty accessing the services of government agencies. Therefore, this mission is therefore extremely important If it can support SMEs to have access to government services, both financial and non-financial successfully. It will help raise the level of Thai SME entrepreneurs across the country. and people in the surrounding communities to have a better quality of life Contribute benefits connected to the overall economy of the country for strong and sustainable growth as well.

The aim is that the field visits on March 24 and 25 will help support more than 10,000 SME entrepreneurs across the country to have access to more than 10,000 low-interest loans with a total amount of about 5,000 million baht. Continuously, once a quarter, a total of 4 times, within this year (2018), there will be SME operators accessing the bank’s assistance services. not less than 40,000


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