SME Development Bank pushes forward “Koh Phithak”, Chumphon Province as a model for quality community tourism to support high-end customers

SME Development Bank moving forward with wings “Koh Phithak”, Chumphon Province, Awakening the Model of Qualitative Community Tourism environmentally friendly Supporting tourists in the upper market Generate additional income to the community for sustainable growth

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank) or SME Bank said that at present, tourism is very important. can generate huge amounts of income into the country by the southern area Popular with quality tourists both at home and abroad The Bank therefore aims to develop entrepreneurs in various community areas in order to raise the standard for such customers. Koh Phithak, Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province, is one of the models that the Bank has developed into a high-quality tourist destination. and environmentally friendly which will help generate additional income and develop communities for sustainable growth Continue to spread the trend to other communities.

“Koh Phithak’s strength is its proximity to the coast. Visitors can take a ferry across the shore to the island in just 10 minutes by boat that transports tourists. Standard and good care from local operators causing no problem of taking advantage of tourists And on Koh Phithak, there is a network of homestays of no less than 30 households with the same goal of doing business based on good governance. It is managed based on the principle of growth without harming the environment and not taking advantage of nature. To push Koh Phithak as a model for quality community tourism to receive customers in the upper market,” said Mr. Mongkol.

In this regard, the bank has sent a team to work proactively. Providing knowledge along with the process of development, emphasizing on growth in 3 areas: 1. Prepare access to funding sources Pushing for preliminary bookkeeping to support future credit applications Emphasis on modernizing the homestay with standards to support the number of quality tourists both domestically and abroad

Mr. Mongkol added that Bank of Thailand has continuously visited the area clearly show the point of view Ready to be a financial institution for development until when the entrepreneur is strong and if interested in funding sources to expand the business The bank helps to top up capital. through special interest loans such as star economic loans For natural persons and juristic persons, the interest rate is 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, installments for 7 years, and the employer’s loan 4.0 from the Ministry of Industry. for juristic persons Charges a special interest rate of 1%, fixed for a period of 7 years. As of August 16, 2018, there are 22 people interested in applying for credit services, 17 of them operating houses and homestays, retail stores – souvenirs and souvenirs. 3 businesses and 2 processed seafood businesses with a total credit line of 13 million baht, with an average loan approval rate of 6 hundred thousand baht.

Mr. Amphol Thanigarut or “Puy Lang” Village Headman, Village No. 14, Ban Ko Phithak, Bang Nam Chuet Subdistrict, Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province, as the President of the Community-Based Tourism Association of Chumphon Province and the President of the Community-Based Tourism Association in the 14 Southern provinces said that Koh Phithak received an award. “Creative Industrial Village (CIV)” by adopting the King’s science based on the principles of sufficiency economy together with systematic area management whether it is waste management reduce the use of plastic bags Select quality tourists groups to minimize the impact on nature. Therefore, tourists who stay on Phithak Island are quality tourists, such as Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Europe and Scandinavia. with a homestay Can accommodate about 300-400 people per day.

“At present, the homestay at Koh Phithak is charged 800 baht per person per day (including accommodation, 3 meals and a shuttle boat). will accommodate more tourists and increase the room price to 1,000-1,200 baht per person per day, or an average of 30 households will have an increase in income from a month 50,000-60,000 baht per month, increased to 80,000-90,000 baht per month, or an increase of more than 50%, which does not include the income of villagers who continue their occupation whether it is processed seafood processed agricultural products the promotion of SME Bank this time is considered to be helping and meeting the needs of local entrepreneurs very much,” said Mr. Amphol.


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