SME Development Bank sells 8,500 million baht of non-performing debt to enhance financial stability. Increase the potential for fundraising and release new high quality loans.

SME Development Bank announces to sell non-performing assets 8,500 million baht to 4 companies, AMC pointing out to enhance financial stability reduce the burden of debt collection Plus raise funds to release new good quality loans with 2 times added value.


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) revealed that the bank has sold claims for non-performing assets with collateral. unsecured Hire purchase type and type after write-off of bad debt accounts totaling 8,500 million baht, amounting to 14,294 cases to the Asset Management Company (AMC), namely: 1. Asset management companies. Bangkok Commercial Public Company Limited 2. Collective Asset Management Company Limited 3. Exclusive Asset Management Company Limited and 4. CF Asia Asset Management Company Limited




For assets that the bank has sold out It is a group of debtors who have ceased business operations or ceased operations or delayed repayment or did not cooperate in resolving debts. From this sale of non-performing assets will help the bank Reduce the burden of debt collection management, including reducing NPLs up to 5,923 debts, with a principal value of 4,361 million baht, from the cumulative level of 19% to about 15%, including helping the bank to reduce its risk weight making the financial situation more stable can be used to raise funds can continue to provide good quality loans to new SME entrepreneurs which will increase in value at least 2 times from the selling value.


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