SME Development Bank won 2 outstanding state enterprise awards of the year 61 in the field of “Outstanding Organizational Development” and “Cooperation for Development” from the work to enhance the work of SME entrepreneurs.


ME Development Bank records history Received the Outstanding State Enterprise Award 2018 in the category of Outstanding Organizational Development Award Overall outstanding organizational development category and development cooperation award strategic cooperation Honor type From the work to enhance the work, outstanding, comprehensive Focus on the mission to support SME entrepreneurs


The State Enterprise Policy Office (SAO) presented an outstanding state enterprise award for the year 2018 by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME Bank) received an outstanding organizational development award. Overall outstanding organizational development category and development cooperation award strategic cooperation (Collaboration) in the honor category from cooperation in “Building a house, building a career” with the Government Housing Bank (GHB) and the Small Industrial Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG). General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, presided over the award ceremony.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director of the Bank of Thailand, revealed that this is the first time that this bank has received an outstanding state enterprise award. In the part of the outstanding organization development award Overall outstanding organizational development category because of the bank Continuously improve the level of work in all areas In terms of finance, since 2015 – 2017, there were total credits of 98,757 million baht and new credit disbursement of not more than 15 million baht, totaling 93,995 million baht, which in 2017 was able to release all loans of 43,269 million baht. Non-performing debt (NPL) was as targeted at the end of 2017, remaining 16.83%, with bad debt of new loans from 2015 – 2017 only 3.32%, 1.32 and 0.21, respectively. come State Enterprise Policy Committee (Students) therefore agreed to SME Bank is the first agency that leaves the organizational solution plan or rehabilitation plan.


In addition, there is a transparent management. carry out the project “Integrity Bank” has been assessed on the integrity and transparency of government agencies. From the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) for the year 2017, a score of 92.07%, ranked 10th out of 54 state enterprises assessed. The score is considered the highest rating of the scoring criteria, including Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Co., Ltd. announced the credit rating of the Bank of Thailand at “AAA”, considered the highest credit rating in the country. continued from 2016-2018 reflecting the stability and the government’s policy significance. SME Bank will receive continuous support from the government because the government is a major shareholder.



In addition, enhance work with digital technology according to the Thailand 4.0 policy by issuing mobile service units. “The horse-drawn carriage to promote Thai SMEs, quickly reach the locality” goes to the area to provide services to SMEs throughout the country. without the need to expand additional branches which is not suitable for the present Along with using the SME D Bank platform system, which is a new dimension in the digital age service through the application to answer all the needs of SMEs Whether applying for a loan online anytime, anywhere Digital tools (Tools Box) from more than 50 applications and knowledge e-Library to enhance business immunity. and collect points for using the service


And important things, SME Bank is committed to responding to the government’s policy assigned to be a state-owned specialized financial institution. for the real development of small SME entrepreneurs which such policy has cultivated the consciousness of working for the personnel of this organization Continue to add capital while developing knowledge so that Thai SMEs can grow and survive sustainably. It is an important force in driving the country’s economy.

while the cooperation award for development strategic cooperation Honor type This is the integration of cooperation between 3 agencies that are highly effective. Able to support people to have a home and have a career without having to use their home as collateral, just their brains and two hands will receive funds to create jobs, create jobs and generate income. This is the driving force of the domestic economy and strengthening the Thai economy from the foundation.




“The award received thanks to the Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Industry, NESDB, for giving policies to SME Bank to support Thai SMEs and most importantly, thanks to the Board of Directors, advisors, executives, alliance networks involved and all staff joining forces upgrading this organization until it can be said that at present the Bank of Thailand is walking in the right direction as one of the government’s key mechanisms in promoting and supporting Thai SMEs,” said Mr. Mongkol.



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