Stick to the wings of “healthy SMEs”, the Bank of Thailand pays installments for loans with low interest rates elevate to standard Starting from Chiang Mai, pushing up to Health City

SME Development Bank continues to support small SME entrepreneurs in health Pay installment for loans with cheap interest of 1% and 3% to fund the development of the facility elevate through standards Chiang Mai town Supporting the pedestal of a health city

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) said that the health industry and related both groups of products and services It is growing high according to the health-loving trend of people around the world. And is extremely important to the Thai economy, being one of the 10 targeted industries (10 S-Curve), with Thailand having various fundamental potentials. are ready to support the growth of the health industry and have entrepreneurs, especially SMEs Many are in this industry. Whether it is food, beverage, spa, cosmetics, Thai traditional medicine, health tourism, etc.

However, at present, many small SMEs in the industry has not been able to adapt to the quality and safety standards that are required by the Ministry of Health Whether it’s the FDA, GMP and HACCP marks, etc., the main factor is the lack of “funding” and “knowledge”, resulting in a loss of opportunity to expand the market far and wide. Some had to be ordered to close factories or establishments. because the production is against the law

Therefore, SME Development Bank, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Health Together to raise the level of SMEs in the health industry to be able to enter the standard system by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Health Will act to fill out entrepreneurs who want to apply for various standard licenses But lack of funds forwarded to SME Development Bank to receive loan support, cheap interest of 1% and 3%, which will pay off special consideration criteria by providing funds in advance Since there is no complete license In order to have funds to be used to develop factories, production sites, packaging, etc. until they can successfully pass the standards of the Ministry of Public Health, together with 3 agencies jointly organized training activities for health entrepreneurs. This will be a guideline to be able to enter the standard. and have higher business potential able to survive sustainable growth


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