Stockholm, the only comprehensive goat farm in the Northeastern region, SME D Bank walks side by side to support every growth.

“Stockholm”, the only comprehensive goat farm in the Northeastern region
SME D Bank walks side by side to support every growth.

Products from “goats” have a high market trend. from the popularity of eating meat and milk Including more processed products Encouraging entrepreneurs to invest in goat farming business The number is steadily increasing.

For “Stockholm” (Stockholm), an SME from Maha Sarakham Province, pioneered the goat farm business in Thailand and developed to stand one by being a fully integrated goat farm. The only prototype from upstream to downstream in the Northeastern region Especially being a center for producing frozen goat semen. And expanding other related businesses, playing an important role in helping create jobs, creating careers for local people by SME D Bank, Bank for Thai SMEs be a companion Supporting the business to grow continuously

Yaowalak Danphan or “Jeab”, the owner of the business Revealed the business path “Stockholm”, starting from opening a shop selling agricultural products, especially “animal feed” in Muang District, Maha Sarakham Province, combined with personally graduating in “Animal Science”, therefore bringing knowledge to expand the business to help Add support to the original business. By doing a farm for “Khun Phae” at Nong Ruea Subdistrict, Na Chueak District, Maha Sarakham Province, because he looks at the trend of goat products that are still a new market in Thailand. Opportunities are still wide open, including the advantages of raising goats. It has a gestation cycle of only 5 months, making it possible to sell goats up to 2 cycles per year.

Khun Jeab brought her knowledge of “zoology” to upgrade the farm to a frozen goat semen production center. that meets the standards of the Department of Livestock Development which is regarded as the first of the northeastern region and is the second in Thailand out of all three Open for sale of goat semen to those who are interested in starting a goat farm business. Using “semen” for artificial insemination for further breeding. by breeders imported from abroad, with the protagonist, “Sammy Boy”, Chammy America Bore Goat breed, the ultimate champion breeder, imported from the United States at the age of 8 months at a price of 5 hundred thousand baht, currently about 3 years old Selling price not less than 1 million baht

Khun Jeab explains the strengths of the services of “Stockholm” In addition to the distribution of semen Also taught the process of artificial insemination, the method of injecting semen through the vagina as well This is an easy method, anyone can do it, suitable for new farmers or those who want to do this job. can be brought to the top Goat breeding by yourself in the future

Business ideas don’t just stand still. Khun Jeab has transformed the area within the farm into a complete goat farming learning center. Give the opportunity for those who are interested to come and learn. and when a large number of people came in extend the opening of the cafe zone to support There are special food and drink menus from goat products to taste, such as goat meat pizza, goat milk coffee, goat milk cream cookies, fried goat larb, etc., as well as processed products such as goat milk soap, etc. In addition, a zone is organized for tourists who are chilling. came to have fun and enjoy the feast and take pictures with goats

There are about 400 goats on the Stockholm farm, and the main income comes from the sale of semen. in conjunction with selling breeders Processed products are currently available only at farms and cafes. Since raw materials are limited, but in the future if enough raw materials can be added. Will continue to expand to make processed products for distribution in a wide range

One of the factors that drive business growth to the present is the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank, which supports continuously. Since bringing to liquidity credit, agricultural equipment sales business in 2015, including introducing into a single accounting standard and additional capital to expand new branches Continuing to expand the goat farm business

The business owner concluded that the market opportunity for goat products still tends to grow far and wide. because of the present The popularity of meat and goat milk both domestic and foreign markets Increasingly in line with the health-loving trend, therefore, Stockholm aims to develop the farm to be even more perfect. to be a standard learning center Help develop the goat farming industry in Thailand. to continue to grow sustainably

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