Suriya accepts cabinet customers gives SME D Bank to go full pump up add funds, raise credit, raise community economy

“Suriya” accepts the cabinet customers, giving SME D Bank to go through the process of pumping up credit to raise the community economy. Along with a 0.5% reduction in project analysis fees to support Thai SMEs to increase liquidity through COVID-19

Ministry of Industry Accelerate to help SMEs get through the COVID-19 crisis, according to government policy, SME D Bank assigns SME D Bank to add liquidity capital through “credit for raising the community economy” amount of 9,500 million baht and reduce project analysis fee by 0.5%. A loan application within February 28 is expected to lead entrepreneurs to access 5,760 funding sources, able to maintain at least 28,800 employees.

Mr. Suriya Chuengroongruangkit The Minister of Industry said that the situation of the new coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19 has severely affected SME operators. The Ministry of Industry therefore urges the Cabinet Resolution (Cabinet) in providing urgent assistance to SME entrepreneurs. By assigning the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, which is an agency under the Continue to add liquidity funds to SME entrepreneurs immediately through the Local Economy Loan project with a budget of 9,500 million baht, which the Ministry of Industry Proposed at the Cabinet Meeting (Cabinet) on January 19, 2021, the approval of the project was extended to 18 December 2021, with the expectation that the loan will help SME operators to reach the source. Approximately 5,760 funds can maintain at least 28,800 employees and generate working capital in the economy approximately 43,510 million baht.

In addition, SME D Bank also follows the government policy to help additional SME entrepreneurs. By reducing the project analysis fee (Front End Fee) by 0.5% if submitting a loan before February 28, 2021 to help operators reduce business costs. And have more liquidity

“The government attaches great importance to helping SMEs. Therefore, it agrees to continue the period of the credit project to raise the community economy for another year as presented by the Ministry of Industry. Has assigned SME D Bank to accelerate the increase of capital distributed to SME entrepreneurs In order to have low cost capital to use as revolving Liquidity enhancement Can support the business Able to overcome this crisis, “said Suriya.

Mr. Kobchai Sangsitthisawat Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry As the chairman of the SME D Bank, said that the credit project to raise the community economy, the cabinet meeting agreed to extend that period. Have adjusted the conditions Provides opportunities for SME entrepreneurs who have previously received a credit line from the policy loan program and the SMEs Transformation Loan project, as well as having a total credit limit of all financial institutions per person exceeding 50 million baht on the day. Can apply for a loan to access the service as well Benefiting SME entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 Both existing customers, SME D Bank and general customers have a wider access to capital.

However, loans for raising the community economy Open for both natural persons and juristic persons, low interest rate, corporate 2.875% per year for the first 3 years, maximum loan amount 5 million baht and natural person 4.875% per year for the first 3 years, loan maximum 2 million baht, payable up to 7 years

Ms. Nart Naree Ratpat, Managing Director of SME D Bank, added that The bank responds to the policy of the Ministry of Industry By allowing staff to inquire And make visits to customer businesses all over the country To explore the effects Ready to introduce to the full range of help of SME D Bank, whether it is bringing access to the source of funds, interest, including existing customers can request a suspension of principal debt for 6 months up to December 31, 2021, which is a measure that SME D Bank came out Helping customers since the beginning of the year 2021

For SME entrepreneurs who want to use SME D Bank’s services, they can notify their wishes through various channels such as LINE Official Account: SME Development Bank, the Bank’s website (www .smebank. .th) and through the application “SME D Bank” can download both IOS and Android systems and SME D Bank branches nationwide

Click to see details Loans for improving the community economy https://www.smebank.co.th/loans/LocalEconomyUpgrade

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