Survey results show that small businesses are mired in securities shortages – without accounts. inaccessible to credit SME Bank raises the SME D Bank platform to solve the problem of complete services, pushing to the source of capital

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce The survey revealed that small businesses need credit in the system. But the chance of reaching back is less than medium. The reason for the trap of lack of collateral No accounting knowledge in the SME Bank, ready to use the SME D Bank platform to solve problems, work proactively, provide local services based on empirical data Couples add knowledge to push the source of funds


Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research and Director of the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Reveal the topic survey “Access to credit of Thai SMEs” from a sample of 1,200 individuals operating their business as natural persons, 45.66%, juristic persons 14.53%, other 20.31% and unregistered businesses 19.49%. ask for a loan To enhance liquidity 56.23% by applying from commercial banks 41.21%, state banks 30.80% and to invest or expand the business 61.4% by applying from commercial banks 40.94%, state banks 30.19%


When asked when asked about his view on loan applications The sample group indicated that to enhance business liquidity 54.75%, expand the business 46.66%, pay off old debt 32.37%, etc., and if separated by business size, found Small businesses need loans to increase liquidity 55.5%, business expansion 46.3%, repay old debt 31.7%, etc., higher than medium-sized businesses that need to borrow to increase liquidity 45.3%, expand business 51.2%, repay old debt 40.7%, etc.


The sample group also stated that when to borrow money Often think of private banking, 28.78%, state banks, 23.48%, by business size. Small business groups say think private bank 28.6% state bank 23.4% medium size think private bank 30.7% state bank 23.9%

for exploring the topic In “credit demand and access to credit”, 24.61% of the respondents said they had filed, while 75.39% said they had never filed. Since the majority of 44.11% think that it is still not possible. As for the reason why the financial institutions in the system did not approve the loan The sample group gave the main reasons. caused by low-value securities or no securities at all No payment history and no accounting etc.


In the case of the government’s policy to support SMEs, it was found that medium-sized enterprises would have a great chance of accessing 28.2%, while small businesses were at 16.9%. As for the view on the ability to access government policies and measures in lending, the group said. 29.35% of “very”, “moderate, low, and no chance” totaled 70.64%. The reason was that the conditions were not known, 42.14% thought that a small business was unlikely to pass, 28.05%, no movement in the account 25.35. % No collateral 19.13% No collateral 16.67% Don’t know where to contact 10.92% And no bookkeeping knowledge 3.64%


As for the measures or assistance from the government that would like to receive, such as reducing the process of making documents that are quite large. Faster and easier approval Reduce fees and restrictions There are agencies that provide clear and understandable information, including reducing interest rates on loans. While the proposals that want to receive from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME Bank) include approval for high credit lines. Reduce interest and fees and reduce restrictions on access to credit

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanawat He added that the survey results reflect the business situation of SMEs, especially single-booking, which affects future credit applications, found that 10.95% of small SMEs do not have accounting at all, while non-juristic SMEs. Not doing accounting up to 12.10%. The reason for not making an account is because “forgotten, don’t have time to make an account. Looks like it’s not being used for anything. time to prepare Don’t know how to make an account and incomplete documents.” In 2019, the process of accessing credit for SMEs requires a single set of accounts to support credit consideration and can be viewed at least three years back. In the case of applying for a new loan, 63.09% of SMEs are ready to prepare. It is seen that it affects loan approval quickly. Benefit to business both now and in the future. The measures and assistance from the government that SMEs need is 1 knowledge/teaching in one bookkeeping. 2. Reduce the accounting process to be more convenient and 3. Provide a single accounting service without having to hire a private person.


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) said that from the survey results. point out that Small SMEs With more than 3 million people, access to credit is harder than medium, and there is also a need for more convenient access to credit. and state banks need to modify the way it works for SMEs Think first when wanting to borrow money. Therefore, the Bank of Thailand has raised the level of proactive work. is the one who walks in to provide loans to entrepreneurs themselves Through the SME D Bank platform, a comprehensive service application for Thai SMEs work in tandem with the mobile service unit “The horse-drawn carriage promotes Thai SMEs quickly to reach the country”


By the process, after loading the SME D Bank application, entrepreneurs can apply for a loan anywhere, anytime under the code 24×7, meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days, where the loan application data will be sent to the database. bank officer Which is ready to work under the code 8-8-7 (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for 7 days) will contact you back within 3 days to make an appointment for the carriage unit to run to see the real business operation empirical information. Able to consider loans without collateral Entrepreneurs know results in 7 days with this method. therefore responding to the needs of small entrepreneurs Reduce the loan application process help access

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