Taxi Drivers respond to fulfill the skills winged up Hug Taxi into an overwhelming superior service.

Taxi  Drivers respond to fulfill the skills winged up Hug Taxi  into an overwhelming superior service. Mr. Mongkol Leelatham (Managing Director ),Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank with executives and bank staff join to provide services to the taxi brothers who come to register to participate in skills-filled activities. “Wing up hug taxi  to superior service ” ,piloting a total of 200 people to attend the training on January 22, 2019 which has received high attention from taxi drivers to register for 1,567 training, the first to arrive at 3.00 hrs. 200 full enrollment quickly which the bank has opened for everyone to join the reservation registration will receive the right to participate in the next skill enhancement event. The trainees will not be involved in any credit approval process. For this event is one of the “3 additional” donations in the “Hug TAXI” project: Adding skills, increase knowledge, ability to work as a taxi driver with quality, elevate to be a leader in taxi service, as well as create a good standard that is acceptable and trustworthy to passengers. And fill the quality of life further.


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