Tee Lek extends the ancient recipe of steamed buns. Soaring good, Nakhon Pathom SME. Increase capital, raise production, support marketing, push the business to grow in the spring.

“Tee Lek” extends the ancient recipe of steamed buns. Soar of good Nakhon Pathom
SME Bank increases capital, raises production, supports marketing, pushes businesses to grow in spring

“Tee Lek, Siu Mai, Steamed Buns” by the young business heir Continuing the family’s traditional occupation that has been selling traditional steamed buns for more than 40 years, it retains its strengths, kapok flour, fragrant, lots of fillings, and friendly prices. consumers’ hearts Continue to upgrade the business continuously. Both in terms of image, marketing and production by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank as a partner Support business growth Ready to step into local goodies Don’t miss out on buying If visiting Nakhon Pathom Province

Mr. Phatthanat Tangmethakul, owner of Teelek Foods Co., Ltd., the brand “Tee Lek Steamed Buns”, told about the beginning of the business. It is a continuation of the parents’ careers. That has been selling steamed buns, dumplings, dim sum and mantou in Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province for more than 40 years. But it is a famous local shop. until university Want to earn extra income to lighten the burden of the family So try to bring the family recipe buns. to be sold in the university cafeteria

With the deliciousness of the ancient recipe buns The soft, fragrant powder is unique. important at that time Selling only 5 baht per child, making it a favorite among students, including many interested in ordering to resell. from thinking only of earning extra income Developed into a serious business under the brand “Tee Lek, Siu Mai, Steamed Buns”

“The origin of the brand name I used a combination of father’s name “Tee” and mother’s name “Lek” to create a brand and selling point for myself. and since the start of the business until today I am very proud to be able to make Tia and Mom’s buns better known. The sales continued to grow,” Mr. Phatthanat proudly recalled.

The highlight of “Tee Lek Steamed Buns” is an ancient recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation for more than 40 years. plus inexpensive As a result, it enters the minds of consumers. both people in the area and those who visit Nakhon Pathom Province have eaten delicious food and bought a stick back

good partner It will help the business to grow, said Mr. Phatthanat, because after the product sells better and more, the production of households does not keep up with the market demand, it is necessary to bring “machines” to use the Bank of Small and Medium Enterprises Development of Thailand. (SME) or SME D Bank foreseeing the potential of the business therefore became a partner funding to enhance liquidity and invest in more machinery Helping the business of “Tee Lek, Siu Mai, Steamed Bun” to grow continuously at an average of about 15% per year, able to employ more than 15 people.

And in addition to finance, the Bank of Thailand still provides business consulting and, most importantly, always helps in marketing, such as taking them to various trade shows, as well as being selected to be one of the SME entrepreneurs. Prototypes that have been posted in the E-Book “95 SMEs D Story” in addition to helping to publicize the business always Make an impression on the services that are offered to customers. Considered that the Bank of Thailand is a bank for Thai SMEs.

At present, “Tee Lek, Siu Mai, Steamed Buns” has upgraded its image to Chinese desserts. Modern looking buns Suitable for all ages standardized production Has its own branch and more than 20 representatives, with a variety of menus to choose from, such as buns with various fillings, including minced pork Pork dumplings with salted egg, pork fillings, red pork fillings, cream fillings, vegetable fillings, minced chicken fillings, boiled eggs, black bean fillings, taro fillings, etc. There are also shrimp dumplings, crab dumplings, jade pork dumplings, seaweed pork dumplings. and Dim Sum, Mantou and Bak Ku Tei.

future business plan is continuing to expand the business by opening a branch in a gas station and delivering a menu of “finished bak kut teh” for sale at famous convenience stores able to support the needs of consumers more widely. and remembered as the signature menu of the province’s good Anyone who visits Nakhon Pathom should not miss it. Always buy “Tee Lek, Siu Mai, Buns” as a souvenir.

Contact ” Tee Lek Bun” Tel. 062-592-6691 , 092-949-1964 or www.teeleksalapao.com

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