The minority got hey! SME Bank joins the ‘Thai SME Confederation’ to carry funds for knowledge Push for a million-dollar loan with a cheap interest rate, with results in 7 days.


SME Development Bank coordinates with the Thai SME Confederation to open a shortcut to carry small entrepreneurs to access capital Low interest rate of 1% and 3%, maximum loan amount of 1 million baht per person. Know the results in 7 days while adding knowledge to help raise the level of business. Roadshow patrol service nationwide.


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) revealed that from the joint discussions between the Bank of Thailand and the Thai SME Confederation to support SME entrepreneurs who are Members of the confederation which numbered more than a hundred thousand including general small entrepreneurs to access the source of capital by jointly implementing the project “Loan for small people” under the concept “Access – Survive – Sustainable” by the Bank of Thailand offers special interest rates of only 1% and 3%, with a maximum loan amount of 1 million baht per person. Know the result of the consideration within 7 days granting the right to cover both natural persons and juristic persons by specifying criteria and the borrower’s qualifications clearly in order to make the consideration process more convenient and quick Along with providing knowledge through training programs and seminars so that the recipient has the potential to be ready able to survive the business and continue to grow sustainably Interested parties can contact via Line@ of the Thai SME Confederation : @smethai


In this regard, there will be roadshow activities to meet between the members of the confederation. including small SME entrepreneurs in each region with the SME Bank team to create understanding and access to services in this project. In addition, within the event, there are training activities, seminars, knowledge on topics suitable for each area and business group. Business consulting services with the opportunity to immediately apply for a loan in this project Initially scheduled to be held for the first time in Bangkok During this July, it will be roaming in various areas across the country.




Mr. Mongkol added that The granting of funds will depend on the qualification of each borrower. by registered juristic person will be taken to the service Borrower 4.0, charged at an interest rate of 1% per annum over the term of the contract, 7 years, no collateral required. Provide opportunities for minority with financial problems to borrow (even having been restructured or non-continuous installments) Pay only interest, no repayment of principal, up to 3 years, installments of only 410 baht per day only.


As for natural persons and juristic persons, processed agro-businesses Community tourism business and continuous connection Including new entrepreneurs with innovations, production businesses or services in the community will be brought to use the service. star economy credit Charge only 3% interest rate, fixed for the first 3 years, pay installment for 7 years, no collateral, can use TCG as a guarantee for free for the first 4 years by borrowing 1 million baht, paying only 460 baht per day.


“Credit Approval SME Bank will focus on using “criterion” and “qualification” as the main principle, reducing the use of “discretion” to a minimum. This will enable equality and rapid consideration, which is a shortcut that will allow small SMEs entrepreneurs to access their capital more easily,” said Mr. Mongkol.


The discussion on project issues “Small and Medium Enterprises Recovery Fund” in the amount of 1,000 million baht and the “rehabilitate small and medium enterprises” project with the amount of 2,000 million baht of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), which entrepreneurs apply for. More than 36,000 loans, while OSMEP lacks manpower to keep up with demand. Initially, SME Bank and the union have the same idea that they should dissolve 2 projects to combine into a single fund. for easy management Ready to open a new registration It will give permission to those who have already registered before. by specifying criteria for credit consideration and the qualifications of those eligible to apply for a new loan to be clear, including focusing on the objectives to use as funds to start building a new career especially in the form of a franchise which is a career that is easy to start and low risk because there is a franchisor (Franchisor) acting as a business mentor While the Confederation will help select potential franchisees as investment alternatives, including surveying the real identity of loan applicants (Know your Client – KYC), which will facilitate the consideration process and fast Such proposals will be presented to the Board of OSMEP.





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