The unemployed guide sells chicken BBQ life changing Win the COVID-19 crisis

“Guide” lost his job to sell “BBQ Chicken”, a great recipe to change life Win the COVID-19 crisis

Proof of life-fighting “Krisada Ratanasangsri” suffered the full impact of COVID-19 and lost his career as a tour guide that has been doing more than 20 years. Seasoning “brand” Chicken BBQ Guide “, unique recipe Can earn Raise yourself and your family Helping life through difficult times

Over the past 20 years, Khun Krisada Rattanasangsri or “Hedgehog” said that almost never stopped working. Because with the main occupation as a tour guide Or tour guides from European countries Coupled with doing the business of rental equipment, lighting and lighting to organize events Resulting in tight, continuous and consistent work

Until the epidemic of COVID-19 Since February 2020, tour programs and events have been gradually canceled. Until March 2020, all activities are terminated. Income becomes 0 baht


Mr Hedgehog admits that during that time it was very stressful that the process of consciousness fell off. Until having to secretly cry alone Because besides myself Must also have to take care of family and staff While in the dark Do not know where to go to earn money. The daughter said that “I want to eat BBQ chicken” so I went to the kitchen to make a homemade barbecue chicken recipe for my daughter. And when the daughter ate Addicted to the deliciousness Help spark ideas to think of selling Earn money to take care of the family

“Personally, I love to cook a lot. In the past, when I traveled to different countries, I found interesting dishes to try to uncover experimental recipes and make family members eat. Which menu of BBQ chicken I came up with the recipe. My daughter eats and likes it very much, I think people will like it as well. They should be able to sell it, ”Krisada recalled about the first minute he thought of selling BBQ chicken.

The cool recipe, he explains, is that it comes from a unique blend of BBQ chicken in many countries, such as American-style butter onion. It uses French spices and has a sweet and juicy taste like teriyaki chicken. And grilled chicken of Thailand Along with using good quality chicken ingredients When combined It is a delicious barbecue chicken menu. Not too spicy Suitable for all ages and genders Without adding seasoning powder Or preservatives of any kind

“I invest only about 3,000 baht to buy fresh chicken to marinate and cook. Pack in a vacuumed plastic bag Started with a sales post on the page that I wrote that I made barbecue chicken for sale. Anyone interested can order it. Friends and customers who have been on a group tour together When I saw the post, it helped support. When you order and eat it, it’s delicious, please tell it to make it sell better accordingly. ”He happily recalled the events of the birth of a new career


Because he used to work as a guide When it comes to selling chickens Therefore using a cute brand name that “BBQ Chicken Guide” started selling people close to A wave of telling about the deliciousness on social media Expand the customer group more and more even during the lockdown period. BBQ Chicken Guide Sell ​​even better There are both customers ordering to eat themselves in the household. And there are many people interested Accepting as an agent to order products to resell in more than 10 provinces such as Chiang Mai, Songkhla, Udon Thani and Rayong, etc. In addition, many restaurants Order orders to cook together to create a signature dish of the restaurant.

In addition to the ability and a strong heart of your own. The advantages that Khun Krisada is a customer of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, has previously used credit services in the business of event equipment service. The bank came to help customers affected by COVID-19. By bringing out the latest product booth is the SME Flea Market “We Help Thai and Thai Help” between 4-6 September 2020, resulting in increased income and opening opportunities to expand the market in the future as well.

“The SME D Bank contacted that In what ways can the bank help? In addition to the financial measures that banks already help customers So I told you that now I sell BBQ chickens to earn income during the time I was unable to do my old business. So the bank invited me to come to the booth to sell products. Without charge at all in spite of the credit that I got It’s not about selling chicken at all, but the bank says it’s willing to help every customer. It made me very impressed. I have to thank SME D Bank very much, ”stated Hedgehog.

Currently, “BBQ Chicken Guide” has a market channel. Receive orders through fan page BBQ Chicken Guide and Line @guidegaibarbecue It will be sent by mail as ready-made marinated fresh chicken packed in a vacuum bag. Can be frozen for 3 months, plus a great dipping sauce, price 200 baht per set, can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Whether it is fried, grilled, baked or used as an ingredient for food, various dishes are equally delicious.

When asked if in the future if the COVID-19 situation is resolved, international tourism will return to normal. Will choose to work guides Or continue to sell the chicken, he replied that he will do it in parallel to the top of “BBQ Chicken Guide” in foodtral style. Selling booths in various locations, helping to increase income stability Can earn money from many ways, reducing the risks in the future if unexpected events happen again. Will have more immunity to life

Krisada concluded that he would like to thank the profession of selling barbecue chicken. Because it not only helps to have income to nourish the family But also help alleviate suffering Rejuvenate your mind Make you feel that you are valuable when you work Able to go through the most difficult times in life

COVID-19 is a crisis affecting everyone. To meet hardships Both for everyday use And working career But if you have a fighting heart, will not give up, will not give up, will pass obstacles The story of a young guide who got up to sell barbecue chicken. It is proven to be true!


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