This time to strengthen Thai SMEs to penetrate the Chinese market. Ready to climb the Dragon Wall 4.0 era with SME D Bank.


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand  or SME D Bank, in collaboration with Mr. Rungsrin Chavavorncharoen, a marketing expert from Rozze Chinese Expert, Chinese market expert Who has more than 10 years of experience and is the founder of Sexy Billionair Co., Ltd. To create familiarity for Thai entrepreneurs to learn, know and deeply in the Chinese market From the greatness and strength of the enormous purchases of Chinese consumers Causing Thai entrepreneurs to adjust and run into this field With the vision of SME D Bank to stand alongside Thai entrepreneurs Therefore join hands with Chinese market experts The marketer from Rozze Chinese Expert sent over 50 SMEs, Thai brands, far from the Chinese market, such as Taokaenoi, SmoothE and Singha Beer, etc. to analyze and know China. And study the behavior of Chinese consumers with armed tactics to bang as well as in China On Friday 8 March 2019 at 13:00 – 16:00 hrs. At the Co-Working Space, SME D bank Tower, next to the Ari BTS With the opportunity to enter low-interest funding sources for only 1% and 3% from SME D Bank throughout the event.

Those interested in joining the Express Reservation Call 02-265-4494, 02-265-4097 or Line @: @ powersmethai

Limited amount Free of charge.


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