Thow joins hand with the Thai Postal Post to get rich online. Make money on Thailandpostmart Connect to top up capital, special interest for business expansion.

“SME D Bank” – “Thailand Post” delighted with the wing of community entrepreneurs to expand the online market. Bring sales on the platform Thailandpostmart.com Achieves nearly 500 revenue growth, plus additional top-ups, special interest to support business growth. Stimulating the bustling community economy.


Mr. Phongcharn Sampha-ngern, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank said the bank intends to develop entrepreneurs together with low-interest funding. For Thai entrepreneurs to grow as a driving force for the economy Especially promoting community entrepreneurs which are considered the cornerstone of the Thai economy The bank therefore gives importance Promote and expand trade channels through e-Commerce, which is a new market. Has a tremendous purchasing power And growing rapidly


Therefore, since the beginning of March 2019, the bank, together with the Thai Postal Company Limited, has elevated local community operators Expand online markets, supplement offline By wiring, adding skills, making online marketing for community entrepreneurs across the country Without any charge at all in the name of the activity “SME D to get rich online market with Thailandpostmart.com” after the training Will encourage participants to participate in activities Put the products up for sale on the online shopping platform page. Thailandpostmart.com instantly, including the opportunity to sell products at all post offices nationwide, Thailand Post Co., Ltd. acts as an intermediary to deliver community products from manufacturers to consumers as well.




“The distinctive feature of the Thai Post is that there are many branches Distributed throughout the country, including the Thai postal officials Familiar with and familiar with the community When integrated with the Thailandpostmart.com platform Which consumers can easily buy products Therefore helping community products have marketing channels Distributing the products very well. “Mr. Pong Chanserm

The activity “SME D brings rich online marketing with Thailandpostmart.com” has been organized 12 times in 12 provinces with 794 entrepreneurs participating and able to expand the business. Put products on the platform Thailandpostmart.com up to 487 people in the handicraft group. Food products from processed agriculture Innovative products built on from local wisdom And good products from other provinces, for example, with popular products such as Chinese sausage, Chinese sausage, fish sausage, Chinese sausage, chicken sausage from Phuri Product Co., Ltd., a well-known product from Ratchaburi province, ST coffee. Chumphon has contributed to the creation of jobs. Generate income and distribute to the community. From upstream, midstream and downstream, circulating widely in the community economy.

Mr Pancharn continued that from the success that occurred. Thai Bank and Post Therefore continuing the cooperation to carry out this project continuously Initially on 26 September 2019 at Chiang Rai Grand Room Hotel, Chiang Rai Province, 10 October 2019 at Rua Rasada Hotel, Nakarin Ballroom, Trang Province and other areas. Join the program without any cost All as before Can apply by calling 02-265-4401 or click https://qrgo.page.link/yV24k

This is for community entrepreneurs that need additional funds to invest in expanding or rotating in the business. Banks have prepared “Local Economy Loan” is a special interest rate. Installment up to 7 years. Individuals for the first 3 years, only 0.42% per month. Year 4-7 with interest rate of MLR per year. Interest rates will be reduced for the first 3 years for only 0.25% per month, years 4-7 at MLR per year

For more information, please contact Entrepreneur Development and Investment Division 2 Tel. 02-265-3885, 02-265-4601 or Call Center 1357




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