Top Business Models Thai fishbone From fish paste to fish bone, calcium capsule best in the world


Heirloom Season 3, Chinatown “Ong Peng Sung” achieved the innovative use of the remaining fish from the production. Fish ball to develop. Became the best calcium in the world. Guaranteed by the world stage. It is a business no waste, which reduces the pollution to the world as well as the SMB 4.0.


Dr.Keyun Chokluck (Khun Yu) Executive Chairman Ying Fish Ball Co., Ltd. and the owner of UNC product or UR Natural Creation. Come out to break the business on Yaowarat Road. I can make a history of turning a fish ball business into a family. Developed into fish bone capsule innovation. Best world class Tell the story of the innovation of fish bone calcium.



The rest is the source of fishbone innovation.

           I do not know how to do that. With fish balls all the time. We have always been asked to make fish balls, it has to be 30-40%, we buy 4,000 kg of fish, we use only 70%, and the remaining 30%. What can we do to reach the top? Because the past The fish bones are the rest of the fish that it is not a burden. We have to buy cold storage. To wait for his factory to get rid of. Otherwise, it will become toxic to the environment, so we came to think about what to do with the rest.


Japanese ask to buy fish note 200,000 to make pure OMEGA

             During that time we thought that the fishbone or the remaining head would be able to do anything. Then we sent the ball to Japan. He loves our products very much, even though the color of the ball sent to him is getting darker. But he appeared very like. Because of our fresh. And made from nature. So let’s send a fish nose to him. We came to think. Just scraping the fish, no time, then the fish nose we will come from. But try asking price to play. How much we He responded that a kilo of 1.5-2 billion yen. Reply … immediately.

 Asked what he was doing, he said “Pure Omega” !!!




Amazing research results are top global calcium. Absorbed 100%

          That night we thought. At that time, we got a research coupon worth 1.5 million baht. Research grants from the National Innovation Agency (NIA) and the Thai Chamber of Commerce At first we thought that. It’s a snack, but the research has turned out to be impossible because it is the best form of calcium in the world, meaning it is the most absorbable and functional calcium in the world. Without side effects. Made from natural sea fish.  Calcium in the market is mainly mineral when it comes down to the stomach, then there will be gastric juice. Reacted Cause flatulence, constipation, but this has no effect. Because calcium is directly proportional to the shape of our bones. Can be absorbed into the diet of the bone. Guaranteed by Harvard University that it is the best calcium ”


 Fishbone innovation creates UNC’s ultimate calcium products world.

Currently, the main products are developed into three main products: UNC Calcium, UNC Calcium, UNC Projoin Bone Care Products




“Creation is creative rather than innovation, innovation” Creativity or Creation is a good thing that should be in every business. And it should be there every day, but innovation or innovation is something new never before. If we search in google (google) then no one. But we are the only one that is innovative, it is the point that makes us sell. People remember us brands. So it means that it has a marketing channel. Is there only you? From Profit to Happiness (People) “What makes us more confident in the future is that the sales of orders that come from the old customers to 70% of the purchase, we are confident. We feel that it is good to have more because customers say that they eat better. From what we think. We have profit. It turns out to be people. It makes sense of happiness, not just the happiness of being paid. But it is a pleasure to help people recover from back pain. So we got customers. Have fun at the money. Future of Bioactive Peptide Drink Reduce blood pressure without affecting the kidney. Yuyin says that the future of Bio Active Peptide Drink is to create a short protein protein. Can be used to digest the body to use it. And have a negative effect on the pressure without affecting the kidneys. I intend to license the world. To further increase the product. From the raw materials we have. By this process. The soup is made from fish balls and the rest of the calcium. The more concentrated the more. To produce a drink. Can drink immediately. Business No Waste UNC products are not the only products that have won the gold medal of world innovation. In the form of calcium. Absorbed and used best. Also won Businesses that bring the waste to produce the best calcium products in the world (Business No Waste Model) Some people do not know. “Self is bleeding” I know this is a legal entity, but first. Yoo said. If you think faster than this. To be registered as a legal entity from the beginning of business. Because we have to do business. It made us realize our true account. Get to know your own checking account. It makes us care. Whether it is from the government or from the investigator. “Someone who does business does not know that. Self is bleeding So accounting makes us more aware. In addition to knowing about the business itself. I know the business outside. What are the techniques that make a business grow? ” Opportunity wait to chance The mistake is that do not dare to start. For new businessmen, I want to say that doing business is like running a business. But everyone always thinks that is possible or there is an excuse to say. I can not do it, so the mistake is. I do not dare to start. Start or not start We have 24 hours, so it’s better to start. Real business is already in the air. But that depends on how. We will take it.


Some people don’t know “I’m bleeding myself”

If you know this, act as a juristic person from the beginning.

Mr Yu said It’s a pity if you think sooner. I want to register as a juristic person from the beginning of doing business because when we come to do business It allows us to know our true account. Get to know your own account verification It gives us someone to take care of. whether from the government or from the inspector

“Some people who run businesses don’t know that. self is bleeding Therefore, accounting also allows us to know more. In addition to knowing about your own business also know that outside business What techniques does he have to make the business grow better?”

Opportunity awaits in the air.

Mistakes are the inability to start.

For a new businessman, I would like to say that running a business is like a runner. But everyone always thinks that they can do it or still have an excuse to say I can’t, so the mistake is not daring to start start or not start We spend the same amount of time. We all have the same 24 hours, so should we start? Because the real business has an opportunity already waiting in the air. but depends on that Where do we use it?


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