University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Indicating Thai businesses lacking advanced technology and innovation. SME D Bank announces strong reinforcements to raise capital knowledge of 30,000 million baht.


University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Reveal the survey results of community business Pointed out that it is very important to drive the economic foundation of the country, but most still lack the advanced technology and innovation in the field of SME D Bank. Provide comprehensive knowledge The couple has access to a low interest capital of 30,000 million baht.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research And Director of the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce revealed the results of the “Community Business Status Survey” from 795, for example that most 56.12% still operate by manual labor, followed by 35.59%, using labor together with small machines, only 0.13% that use advanced technology and innovation. While 46.70% use technology in business operations such as delivery of goods Accept orders Procurement of raw materials, payment, etc. and 53.30%. No technology is used in the business operation, reasoning that there is no knowledge of the necessary technology. Not have enough capital Small businesses are not needed, etc.

Most of the community businesses 63.14% use raw materials in the area and 87.60% use local labor. Therefore creating benefits for local communities at a high level, averaging 3.72% from full 5%, both causing employment Using raw materials, generating income and saving, etc. As for the current status of the community business compared to the previous year Most say Close to the original, such as sales, profit, number of customers, etc. In the next 6 months Believe that sales are still at the same level, while costs and profits will improve

When surveying the accounting of the community business, it was found that there were 45.59% formal form, the remaining 54.41% did not formally, with 45.21% doing simple accounting, 35.5%, taking only the income, expenditure and remaining money each day and 19.28% as accounts. standard When drilling in depth, it is found that Community business groups that have formal accounting are outstanding, Thong Fah Pracharath Shop Which is a group that has access to government support measures

In this regard, 16.9% of the community business sample said they had an average debt burden of 1,055,929.13 baht, a 14,884.35 baht monthly installment rate, of which 79.32% said they had never defaulted. As for the need to access capital sources, 52.93% believe that they have a high potential for access, and within 1 year from now, 50.9% need credit. The top 3 main objectives are development and packaging design. Develop and design the production process And improve the utility system to meet standards By the amount of the most needed amount is around 100,000-500,000 baht

Community business groups also reflect the problems and obstacles that need to be improved, including business promotion and development. Business expansion Tax exemption Production capital Strengthen opportunities and competitiveness Quantity of raw materials Quality of raw materials Freight system Large domestic competitors And financial liquidity

As for the benefits and access to government support measures Most say Not aware of various measures But once accessed Help create tremendous business benefits. By what the sample wants to receive government assistance such as low interest loans Knowledge promotes modern innovation Tax deductions and reduced complexity Adjustment of regulations, employment complications, etc. The suggestions and things that need to be received from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank is simplicity in the request and access process. Credit Service personnel are willing to quickly train to provide accounting knowledge. Or requesting a loan And create credibility in financial administration for the business

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Added to the survey of the Local Economy Index for April 2019 that factors affecting the community economy index, such as spending during Songkran Festival Government economic driving measures Some agricultural product prices have improved. As for the negative factors, for example, farmers’ income in April 62 decreased due to lower production from drought situation. People purchasing power is slowing. Oil prices rise Exports decreased due to trade war problems. And the number of tourists increased less than expected, especially during the Songkran festival.

The community economic index April 62 was at 48.3, down 2 points compared to March 62, with things that need government assistance for community economic development, including community product development. In order to have more marketing channels Reduce raw material costs Increase low interest capital Stimulate domestic spending Provide knowledge in occupation Develop community tourism sites Infrastructure development Reducing redundant taxation And solving household debt problems

The suggestions that need to be received from SME D Bank for community business development include reducing steps or easing conditions for easier access to capital. Solve the problem of informal debt Reduce interest rates on loans In order to make the business more liquidity, provide knowledge and skills in community business Provide financial advice Develop business potential Including promoting marketing channels

Mr. Woramit Krutto, Deputy Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said that from the survey Indicates that Community business is very important in driving the domestic economy. Because most people use local labor and raw materials. And access to government support measures Will help increase the value and have stronger business potential To further expand the growth of the foundation economy, the SME D Bank therefore aims to meet the government’s policy on the role of specialized financial institutions in the state to raise business levels.




Followed by adding capital to businesses in various groups such as agriculture, processing, tourism, community and grocery etc. For investment, expand the business through “Local Economy Loan”, low interest rate. Installment for up to 7 years. Individuals for the first 3 years, only 0.42% per month, year 4-7, interest rate MLR per year and juristic person, interest rate for the first 3 years only 0.25% per month, year 4-7, MLR interest rate per year. This (2562) will approve up to 30,000 million baht, pushing the community business to reach more than 30,000 sources of funds, connecting with the business community and external businesses such as surfing, transportation, souvenir products, etc., causing moose The economic value of more than 145,500 million baht by the business community can apply for a loan easily and conveniently anytime, 24 hours a day via apps SME D Bank.

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