Unlock the NARAH key, put a flag of Thai herbs on the world stage, the Bank of Thailand takes you to the Civil State Fund. Winged to international standards

Unlock the key “NARAH”, plant the flag of Thai herbs on the world stage.
SME Bank takes you to the “Pracharat Fund” with wings to reach international standards

Although “Thai herbs” are recognized for their properties. But to export products to sell in the world market. More importantly, “international standards” are needed as a guarantee. As in SMEs in Chiang Mai, the brand “NARAH” can successfully lead Thai herbs to flag the world market. with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank to support access to sources of capital “Public SME Development Fund” reduces business costs ready to build “International Standards” successfully


Thiraphong Thienpatanaphon, Chairman of the Executive Committee and the founder of Narah Industry Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of herbal products, the brand “NARAH”, told her business inspiration. Born of himself having a health problem called “diabetes”, the same disease that killed his father in the past.


“The past picture that I remember is that my father had to take pills. From a big man to a skinny man finally died I don’t want to be like my father. So I came back to study herbs seriously. To heal myself until I found “Chiang Da Vegetables” that have properties to reduce blood sugar. When I used it myself and it worked, I thought I had to have someone else. Many others have the same health problems. This made me think of using Chiang Da herbs and vegetables as a business.” Thiraphong recalled his inspiration.


because looking at the health-loving trend not only happened in Thailand But it’s the same trend all over the world. The business goal of Narah Industry Co., Ltd. is to focus on exporting products to flag overseas. Exporting products, especially health related products Just telling the properties by yourself is not enough, it is necessary to have “international standards” to confirm.


“The Thai standard alone is not enough to make a name on the world stage. So I started to really study the creation of international standards. which is very difficult and complicated like world-class organic standards It must be organic from the source of water. arrive at the farmland and manufacturing plant Which we have studied and developed continuously until now we have both USDA standards from the United States and EU Organic from the European Union,” Thiraphong revealed.


However, one of the important factors helping to attach the business wing to Go Inter is to have a factory that meets international standards, which the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank takes access to the capital in the project. “Public State SME Development Fund” with an interest rate of only 1% per annum of the Ministry of Industry


“Doing a business, the more you reduce your business costs. The more there will be funds left. only to develop more business In the beginning, I had a big problem, namely high business costs. from very high rent therefore needing funds to build their own factory At first, considering many banks until I came across SME D Bank, I was very impressed. Because it helps to access the source of funds with a very low interest rate, which is only 1% per year, allowing me to expand the factory according to the goal,” said Thiraphong.


Currently, “NARAH” is the leading manufacturer of processed herbal products in Chiang Mai, both under its own brand. And contract manufacturing (OEM) with a variety of products such as tea, coffee, supplements from 100% organic herbs, including selling raw materials. by inventing and developing specific recipes according to the needs of customers under the concept of “best food Must come from nature” can be exported to many countries, including China and Europe, including behind the scenes as a manufacturer of herbal products for over 100 brands.


success made Therefore, it is proved that if the standard is ready Thai herbs can really spin on the world stage.


Contact Tel. 091 441 9265 , www.narahindustry.com

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