UTCC Revealing the results of the survey of the motorcycle taxi to bear the burden of SME D Bank. Coordinate the alliance to push the EV innovation to raise the level of public transportation.


University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Revealed the survey results of the status of a motorcycle taxi operator Working hard, earning 25 days per month, costing more than 10,000 baht per month, remaining income of 12,736.61 baht, but having to take care of the average family members up to 4 people. Plus no welfare support for SME D Bank to seek help Coordinate energy, partner agencies, bring EV innovation, raise professional level, public transport service, reduce costs, reduce pollution, fill good quality of life.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research And Director of the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Said in a statement of the survey results “Status of a motorcycle taxi operator” that information of the Transportation Statistics Group, Department of Land Transport Planning Division Identifying the number of public motorcyclists who have received licenses throughout the country. There are 185,303 cases. The problem that users encounter is the controversy. Compete for customers between motorcycle hire and Grab bike, safety of life and property Tell me too much Win illegal car without license Service is not polite And parking on sidewalks, blocking traffic

According to a sample survey of 1,243 people, 70.06% were registered correctly. And have their own car The average age of this occupation is 39 years old. This career has already been done. The average of 8 years in each month must ride a car to earn up to 25 days. Average 41 trips a day, an average of 9 hours a day. Is the main occupation Only one career With an average income of 974.81 baht per day or 24,370.25 baht per month. At the same time, such income must be taken care of by the average family members, 4 people, and almost all do not register to receive the welfare system from the government.

In addition, 37.88% said that there was no savings plan, while 69.40% said that the current debt is about 185,858 baht, the average rate of installments is 5,266.30 baht per month. Most of the sample group 26.92 wanted to borrow in the system to buy a new motorcycle.

When asked about the loan demand within 1 year from the current 31.66%, there is a need to borrow. To pay the old debt Spend everyday And enhance liquidity Almost all require a loan in the system with an average credit of 230,889.49 baht. However, the group that wants 53.02% of borrowers cannot access the source of funds in the system for the reason of lack of collateral. No financial movement history And don’t know how to contact the bank etc.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat continued that the motorcycle taxi operators With an average cost of 11,633.64 baht per month, with the top 3 being fuel oil, motorcycle installments And shirt rental Which such amount Considered to be a heavy burden, medium to heavy, combined up to 90.29%

The sample group of 64.20% revealed that the application has not been used to transport passengers. Because of the complicated procedures and regulations Can’t use the application And have additional costs Which does not use the application Affect customers not to come to win. And the number of customers decreased The group that uses the customer service application says that the revenue has increased by 1,741.95 baht per month.

When asked if having an accident Or there is a reason to temporarily not be able to ride a motorcycle A sample of 68.87% said that it would affect financial problems. In the said amount, 40.05% said that the impact was high. As for the current earning problem 73.21% of the samples were identified from high oil costs. The capital needed to buy a new motorcycle is 61,817.03 baht.

In the case that the Small Business Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) has a loan guarantee program with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank to buy a new motorcycle 27.49% of the sample group participated in the program because they saw that it was an interesting government project. Interest was reduced, costs were obtained, various benefits. Which can pay up to 151.12 baht per day

For suggestions and things that need to be received from the government, including: 1. Control the prices of products, such as oil prices, rental of win-win shirts. General product cost, etc. 2. Adjust the fare price. 3. Strictly organize regulations and penalties, and 4. Support to have a low interest loan program and easy access. While proposals and things that need to be received from a state bank include: 1. Lending without losing interest. Or reduce interest rates 2. Increase credit without having collateral and 3. Facilitate the process to be easier




Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, SME D Bank Managing Director, said that the number of motorcyclists employed about 1.8 hundred thousand, including related to a large number of passengers, therefore the profession of motorcycle hire is important. And should raise standards Both the quality of the car, service and safety

“Motorcycle taxi operators Should be taken care of Because of having to work hard Average rides for more than 9 hours per day And no welfare from government support There are only 12,736.61 baht per month of income after deducting occupational expenses, but the burden of care for the average family members is up to 4 people, leading to problems afterwards. Therefore, the bank will take the survey results. And suggestions from the sample group Went to develop rescue measures, such as promoting knowledge, bringing applications to increase customers, including helping motorcyclists reduce costs, “said Mongkol.

In addition, SME D Bank and partners include the Small Business Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG), the Office of Industrial Economics. Automotive Institute And Thai Electric Vehicle Association Supporting the use of EV: Electric Vehicle or electric vehicles Upgrade the car For professionals providing public transport services Create benefits, help reduce energy costs At the same time create.


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