Service On Deposit Card




12 Months

                                                   Withdraw Conditions                                                   

1. In case of withdrawal of funds before the expiration of the deposit period Will receive interest according to the actual deposit period as according to the bank announcement rate
2. Customers are unable to withdraw some of the funds.
3. When due The depositor has not requested to withdraw the principal amount And the bank still has this type of deposit, it is considered that the depositor wishes to continue to deposit under the conditions and the original deposit period with interest rates as announced by the bank 
4. In case the due date falls on a bank holiday Postponed to the next business day after the holiday is due Which the bank will charge interest for the said holiday

                                                   Interest Rate                                                   


Duration Interest Rate/Year
Individual Juristic Government / State Enterprise Organization
12 Months 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000



1. Minimum deposit limit is 10 million baht (except for bank customers)
2. Personal case Will accept deposits only for customers who use other services from the bankDo not accept deposits from the general public
3. Institution means financial institution Savings cooperative Insurance company Provident fund Private funds, mutual funds, compensation funds, hospitals, public organizations, educational institutions, temples, foundations, associations, and non-profit organizations


4. Right to withholding tax exemption from interest on each type of deposit Shall be in accordance with the criteria specified by the Revenue Department 
5. The formula for calculating interest is as follows:

Amount of interest received     =     principal     x     Interest rate     x     actual deposit period
                                                                                   100                         365

6. The bank reserves the right to change conditions And / or the interest rate on the deposit as specified as appropriate Or to be consistent with the economic and financial conditions in each period without prior notice
7. For details other than those described above Can ask at the bank staff